12 July 2013

From Lancelin to Jeju?

Last weekend during night time after I've done with folding the clothes and ironing, i thought that i should browse through my old collection of photobook. Well i had 4 in total so that's kind of justified enough be called as 'collection' i guess :p

The kids were busy attending to their iPad, tv was on but since i'm not a tv-type person except for certain malay drama and my favourite korean drama, then watching tv wasn't really my option to kill the time before bedtime. So let's just browse the photobook then! And see what we've been up to and places we've been going to for the past few years.

Somehow i landed to this picture and the memory kicks in!

Us at the King's Park. It just felt like yesterday we were walking and climbing the park, embracing through the rain drops and sedikit 'ribut' that morning before we finally reached the park phewwwww. This picture is one of my favourite amongst all. It looks as if we were part of the oversea students taking pic and send it over to the daily newspaper hoping that our picture will appear in their column with ucapan 'Selamat Hari Raya' buat kaum keluarga dan sahabat handai di Malaysia! Verangannnn! isk isk

oh there you go...part of my geng lunch!! L-R : Semah, me, Aini and Farra. Little Maher obviously was not part of ahli geng lunch though :p We all really had fun during those days. We walked 'hampir separuh pengsan' from King's Park to the Harbour Town on our last day, dalam keadaan cuaca yg macam nak ribut dan angin sejuk yg bertiup hingga ke tulang hitam ...we finally made it. Rasa macam nak menjerit bila nampak building Harbour Town tuh!

Oh reminiscence of the old memory was not actually the highlight of today's entry. 

but .........but...................


The Geng Lunch will make its way to Seoul next year!!! Phewwwittttt!

Berbaloi2 bangun berjemaah pukul 4am to book the flight. Seriously we were busy 'whatspp-ing' and getting through the website to ensure we got the best deal. Paling penting, to make sure everyone booked on the same date and time! haha serius tense ok pagi tuh. I was the last one that managed to finish the booking...itula kunci alarm pukul 4am tapi bangun pukul 4.15am sape suruh :p

The same Perth clan will be travelling again together and this time we chose Seoul and Jeju Island as our next pit stop.

Why did i say pit stop?

Because i hope this is not going to be the last destination and i wish we could venture to more other places in the next few years ahead. Insya Allah :) Kata orang, dream big... aim high! cewahhh :p

I foresee the next trip will be super duper fan (and chaotic i must say!) as we have additional members registered into the group i.e. my brother (ishhh sibuk je dahla dia sorang lelaki bujang hoho) and semah's brother in law's family.

So in total we will end up with 13 adults and 12 kids. Enough to rock the plane i suppose!

It's still a long way to go, but it's good to get prepared early for ease of arrangement, reservation and what nots. Paling penting, a proper 'kitab' is required to be in place so that you can plan ahead how much to save per month from now...haha

So from today onwards.........


till then...selamat berbuka! :)

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