15 July 2013

Resepi Cream Caramel & Popia Goreng

Cream caramel has always become our family's 'compulsory' dessert when it comes to the Holy month of Ramadhan. It is not too light like the normal plain jelly as it contains eggs as its main ingredients, and it is certainly soothing and seriously best eaten when cold :)

As far as i can remember, i've never bought cream caramel at the bazaar Ramadhan. Simply because the selling price is very expensive, as compared to the basic cost that one needs to incur to make one. So i resorted to home made cream caramel instead, since years ago. The recipe that i'm going to share afterwards is surely a keeper, as i've altered the original recipe few times before i end up with this final version :)

4 eggs
1 can evaporated milk (susu cair)
3/4 cups sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
1tsp custard powder - it's ok if you dont have this in stock...the custard is used to make the caramel becomes yellowish, so kalau takde pon takper.
6tbp sugar - to caramelized and becomes the base

The Action:
1. Caramelize the sugar on your preferred mould (loyang - i normally use an 8' round pan) over low heat. Stir frequently and do not leave it unattended or you'll end up with 'burnt' caramel sugar hihi. Leave it at room temperature and let it set.
2. Mix the rest of ingredients in a separate bowl. Then pour onto your harden caramel.
3. Cover your mould with aluminium foil, and steam for 25-30minutes.

The caramelized sugar will melt automatically after you finish the steaming process. You can just pour the melted caramel on top of your pudding and adjust its sweetness to your liking..nak suka manis tuang la byk caramel...if u are pretty much concern on your diabetic ker reduce kan the caramel yer!

My caramel normally can last for 4-5 days...so normally i'll do over the weekend and have it stock for weekdays buka pose consumption :) Save duit tak payah beli pencuci mulut dekat bazaar yg belum pasti rasanya sedap ke tidak :)

Our next 'compulsory' pencuci mulut is popia goreng. Apparently my father in law also loves my version of popia goreng...uhhh rasanya dah lama tak buat utk family di Kedah :(

The steps are very easy, only that the preparation time takes longer than the normal kuih as you need to cook the inti, then put inside the kulit popia and fold it nicely. Byk steps tuh :p You can cut down the whole preparation time if u have a daughter in the house to assist you to cabut the kulit popia one by one...but as for the mom of all boys like me, i am lucky to have mr hubby to take up the job scope last week :)

My version of popia goreng - scramble egg, chicken, prawn, togey, carrot and kacang buncis. Tumis dgn bawang merah and putih, put some white pepper, salt to taste...and that's it!

 Folded popia ready for stock up. Letak dlm freezer yer.

the fried ones....sedapppp! Bertambah sedap kalo pair dgn sos pencicah dari kelantan tuh...rasa manis2 pedas gitu :) errkkk terliur plak bila tgk gambar nih...ok got to off now...till then!


adda syuhada said...

terasa cream caramel kt anak tekak...sedapnya

y@tipruzz said...

ok nnt buat tauu