20 July 2013

Resepi home made meatball

I made these sweeties on the first weekend of Ramadhan since we decided to go for Western on that day, after 3 consecutive days feasting ourselves with makanan Melayu :) This is my first time making my own meatball, and i'm telling you it was really easy peasy. Now let's take a peek at the ingredients and actions. Apart from meatball you can actually follow the same steps to make your very own chicken ball or fish balls. Simple and easy, especially for those mommies preparing healthy home-cooked food eg. soup for ur small tods :)

minced meat - i use daging Ramly

coarse black pepper
parsley - i don't hv one, so i substitute with daun sup hehe
salt to taste

1. cut the onion into small cubes.
2. slice parsley or daun sup very finely.
3. Mixed into your minced meat, add in some black pepper and salt.
4. form small balls and put some flour while making the balls to avoid it sticks to ur hand.

Wallahhh and that's it!! I then frozen my meatballs since it was still early in the morning :p
You can either grill your meatballs, or have them fried. In my case, i initially grill them using my magic pan (with lil dash of olive oil konon towards healthy cooking style :p) but then i found that it took me quite long and some more difficult to wait the balls to be fully cooked...asyik kena balik2 kan...malas punyer pasal (actually nak kejar masa sama!) i then transfer the balls into kuali and goreng!! oh yes i cheated a bit but okla at least dah buat meatball sendiri tu pon dah kira satu achievement heeeeeeee :)

balls yg gemok :p

uhh nampak sedap dan fresh! ehh kena igt pose pose!!!

makan dgn brown sauce ala Ikea style...well my brown sauce doesnt taste exactly like ikea's version but still sedap (cuma termasin sket haha nasibla nama pon pose kan mana bley rasa haishhh!)

So these are what we had during that weekend. Spaghetti bolognese, instant pizza (brand tesco, haha cheat lagi but as u can see i am not a dough expert...mane rajin and pandai nk buat pizza base sendiri), mashed potato (see my earlier post), fries and meatballs with brown sauce and blueberry jam (ok Ikea guna strawberry jam but i dont have one at home...so blueberry pon sedap tauuu).

So if u want to make chicken balls, just use some chicken breast and blend them. For fish balls, am not too sure probably orang guna ikan tenggiri kot...kembung mesti tak sedap :p For confirmatory purpose sila google!

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