06 November 2014

At 27 weeks...

Alhamdulillah my gravida 5 is going on smoothly as time passes by. No major sickness happened of late, except for occasional back pain after running the usual errands like going for a grocery shopping, ironing, cooking, etc. Thanks to the men of the house, each one of them at least plays a major role to help their mommy in sorting out the routines. Hubby is responsible for laundry while Idlan n Firas will assist to pick up the clothes from ampaian and sort out the hangers, before their mommy takes over the next task i.e. folding the clothes n arrange them in drawers. I still cook while time permits, at least will try to make sure I don’t miss preparing breakfast on weekdays.

Ohh most of the people I’ve bumped into had actually commented on my small tummy. Some said I am good at hiding my tummy, some even surprised when they happen to know that I am actually at 6 mths++ terms now. So far I’ve gained about 3.6kg from my pre-pregnancy weight, very much lesser as compared to the previous gravida. Tried my best not to gain so much because of the back pain, well heavier body could mean more tendency for the pain to become severe isn’t it?

On a separate note, Idlan has finished his final exam at sek keb, now is enjoying his free time participating in liga lipat (football). We learnt that he is positioned as a striker, and today he entered the semi-final game. Today is also his second last day for final exam in Kafa, tomorrow dah enjoy! Firas is busy practising for kids parade match in conjunction with Hari Tadika Selangor to be held in SACC this coming Sunday. Ammar, being a happy lil ‘baby’ as usual now seems to occupying himself doing lots of imaginary play with his robots, cars, lego. He talks with them, doing role-play, etc and doesn't really hook up with ipad anymore. Hubby has recently imposed a new rule to them, no ipad on weekdays. Hence why Ammar is more into his fantasy world while Firas is seen to be engaged in comics reading. Bagus jugak kan :)


Farra Da Smiley said...

anak2 kami dah merdeka start semalam lps sek agama :)
result sek ken dah boleh cek online ada subjek dah kuar result

y@tipruzz said...

ada lawatan tak? idlan pi i city nx week.