03 November 2014

Medela Swing compatible adapter

Yeay one of the precious items in my 'to-buy' list has arrived. Alhamdulillah it works well with my 6-yr old Medela Swing pam. Risau jugak takut x compatible since this is a customized version, not an original Swing adapter produced by Medela. Hepi sesangat!! The only cons is that the adapter is pretty bulky n heavier as compared to the original adapter...takpelah redha je la since nak yg harga murah kan..of course there's always a trade-off hehe

I also bought a new Swing tubing since the existing one dah masuk categori lusuh yg amat.
If u want to purchase other Medela spare parts, you can visit http://susuibu2u.blogspot.com. The prices are quite cheap as compared to other web sites. For reference, my swing tubing is priced at RM30 while adapter RM70. Most other web sites sell the tubing at rm38-40.

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