04 November 2014

Homemade chicken pizza

Another quick homemade dinner that is surely a keeper. Simple, tasty, yet can be considered as a perfect balanced meal for ur little family :) I just use a ready-made pizza doh base that can be bought at any supermarkets i.e. AEON, Jusco, Tesco, etc. I recently bought mine at AEON, 2 pizza base at RM6-7++. Alternatively you can buy them at a much cheaper price (5pcs at RM7++ only!) at any bakery supply stores such as Yummie, Bake With Yen, etc.

For the fillings, i put chicken, button mushroom, crab sticks and sausage. Cook the filling first before u spread them on top of the dough. I spreaded some tomato puree & chilli sauce on the dough before topping up with the fillings. For vegetables, i used capsicum, onions and cherry tomato. Drizzle some mayonis if u like...
and last but not least loads of shredded cheddar cheese!!
i also garnish the top with some oregano or mixed herbs, just to give some aromatic scent when the pizza is baked in the oven.
Done! My eldest said...uhh ni pizza terbaik di alam semesta haha. Well obviously where can u get a pizza with a heaping n generous filling n loads of cheese kan??
Selamat jadi menu berbuka puasa kelmarin. Alhamdulillah settle dah hutang pose sehari..lega sgt!!


AMIIZAA said...

salams yati,

terus jadi lapar....hiksss
tgk pon dah rasa sedapppppp:):)

y@tipruzz said...

baru restock pizza base tadi. beli kt aeon big 2pcs promo rm5.95 hehe

Farra Da Smiley said...

salu buat pizza gak yums