06 February 2015

Bumble Bee Nursing Pillow

My very first online purchase during confinement period, also the most expensive single-item purchased for bby Irfan!

Average nursing time for Irfan is around 1.5-2hrs, before i can finally put him into sleep. There were times he woke up n refused to sleep for nearly 3 hours..nak kena kelek jer! This caused serious ache to my back,neck and of course arms. Hopefully this nursing pillow can at least reduces the pain and makes nursing more enjoyable n comfy for both mommy n baby :) Bought this Bumble Bee nursing pillow at Rm79.90 @ Fabulous Mom, normal selling price is Rm99.90. Pls do cross checking at all the major online baby shops before u do the purchase as some are having discounts on selected items.

2nd item purchased are washable bra pads. This is considered essential items for nursing moms, since ur milk will definitely flow n wet the bra during nursing. These 6 pcs bra pads are now selling at 20% off the normal price Rm16.90.

That's all for now. Hope there will not be too many series of online purchase this time! :p


AMIIZAA said...

salams yati,

tak sabar nak tgk bb baru:):)

y@tipruzz said...

tq kak :)

Farra Da Smiley said...

laa bra pads aku ade je..

y@tipruzz said...

hehe takpe nk pakai lama. mine yg time ammar x jumpa mane tah letak