17 February 2015

My 2nd online purchase!

consists of few essentials. My shopping cart has been added with few items since weeks ago,but the urge to place order finally came when we couldnt find the sarung buai, hence jom beli sarung buai! It is hard to put Irfan into sleep. Sometimes it took me 2hrs..3hrs..or even 4hrs before he dozes off, so was thinking to assemble the buai one day..tgkla camner. Had migrain attack for 3-4 times already during this confinement period due to stress and sleep deprived huhu

Back to my online shopping, i bought 3pcs of basic nursing bra (rm47.76), 1pc of Adora comfort bra (this is PWP hence got it at only rm16), 1 Lamaze wrist rattle (rm6.90) and a rose pink nursing blouse (59.90) which i lurve it very much! and oh the sarung buai costs me rm19.90. Anyway those itemswere bought from onebabyworld.com..one of my favourite online baby shops hiksss

So that's all for now peeps :)

p/s: rasa mcm gatal tgn nk bli nursing blouse lagik hiksss

1 comment:

Farra Da Smiley said...

wah byknyer shopping hihi

ala kain buai aku last guna time muaz..elok tersimpan kalau tau leh pinjam