11 May 2006

The Runaway Jury

The Runaway Jury by Grisham becomes my second book of the year!

That after my two attempts to purchase online thru mph failed yesterday. Dont know what happen, whether it was really not my luck, or the website itself was bengong. First try, my explorer window disappeared after i clicked payment. Second time, the pop up message notified authentication failed. Lucky they dont charge double to my account. Nevertheless, it was a bit frustrating. Keciwa giler rasa, thought i'd able to make my very first online purchase in history, tp tak berjaya huhu. Maybe aini and aida were right, perhaps i shd just walk in to the store and pay for whatever books i want, no online, no waiting for 14 days delivery whatsoever. Just grab the book, go back home, settle in your couch, and READ hehe

Back at home, i told this to hubby, and for a moment he disappeared upstairs. Rupanya he was looking for a book for me to read hehe...so here comes the runaway jury. Habis nnt i'll share the gists of the book okeh.


aida said...

john grisham ok laa... not fast speed sgt, tapi boleh la nak baca..

dan brown gak best, or better try sidney sheldon :)

yatipruzz said...

betul la ckp ko..aku baru page 17, tp dah bosan yg amat ni helppp...dia suke describe benda in details, tak straight to the point isk isk...lomahnyer nak abiskan nih huhu

Abah said...

Suka jugak baca Sidney Sheldon..Tape mama, nanti balik Junjong amik je dlm almari tu Unda punya..Ada windmills of the god, nothing last forever & mcm2 ada..Suka Sidney sbb gaya dia describe situation & peristiwa veru informative, seolah2 kita ada sama kat tempat tu..

tini said...

aku pun suka sidney sheldon, walaupun takde koleksi. pinjam kat kedai, pinjam kat orng. runaway jury tgk filem die macam best. so tak payah lagi aku nak baca buku die :) tak pernah lagi aku try baca john grisham. lagi satu aku suka mary higgins clark, tapi mostly buku die bukan cerita suspense ke thriller. pasal family, love story gitu. ada gak buku die pasal suspense but not that heavy.

yatipruzz said...

tini, aku dah sampai pg 39. okla although very slow moving :(