22 June 2006

1] We went to PD for a short cuti-cuti mesia last saturday for a simple father's day celebration. More story, simply visit our fotopage The holiday was indeed superb!

2] I took leave on monday, and after sending idlan to nursery, we made visits to several kitchen and bath shops, mainly for survey, but ended up buying hood+hose, 3-burner hob, and 2 remote fans. And becoz of the good bargain, we only spent less than 2k :)

3] Trapped at TTC for a 2-day Internal Audit course. Met Semah and Farrah there, and managed to catch up lots of things. The course was good despite the boring and dreary environment inside the classroom, well no blaming on the trainer, it was us who didnt participate much :p

4] and guess what, yesterday i was stranded for 2.5hrs inside the car, due to the heavy rain plus flooded roads in few areas. 2.5hrs journey from ttc to seri kembangan was indeed a record, i doubt if somebody out there can ever challenge my record :p Initially i took the mrr2 route, but upon looking there was no movement, heavy crawl and long queues, i did a u-turn and took the sg besi route. Well, that also didnt help much. Sampai kat upm, again i made another u-turn after seeing cars trapped in flood. The last decision of using cyberjaya route was the prudent choice ever made on the day. Penat sungguh makcik!


mardhiah12 said...

aku paling suka pi TTC, boleh keluar dari office yg membosankan

yatipruzz said...

aku masih tak berjaya utk maintain eyes wide opened sepjg course dijlnkan..dr dulu smpi skang...hehe apekah tipsnyer eh?

aida said...

minum teamix herbalife, gerenti tak tidur.. aku skrg ni dah jadi burung hantu, tersilap minum waktu malam

farradasmiley said...

lamanyer! kalau aku sure stress giler..bley giler meroyan wehh..
nasib baik aku sampai umah cepat hari tu coz kursus abeh cepat

macam biasa kalau belajor mesti ngantuk punyer! heheh

aku pon suke MMC coz dkt ngan ofis deman

mamselle said...

all this while i'd take the sg besi (plus) route back and forth to mmc. alhamdulillah, despite the heavy traffic, still manage to arrive home within 1 hour tops. ikut queue, insya-Allah cpt je. bottleneck is normally at the susur to jln kuchai lama. after desa petaling, sumenye okkey.

yatipruzz said...

huda, 1st day kite ikut mrr2, sampai umah less than an hr. Sbb tu 2nd day pon memula ikut mrr2, tak sangka teruks yg amat jam dia..tu patah blk ke sg besi.

tp lesson of the day, ikut sg besi jela lenkali no matter what hehe