12 June 2006

Finally im done with 2 more books this year, here's my personal comments:

1] Angels n Demons
I personally think this one is much better than DVC. The storyline is almost the same, only that this time the conflict revolves between the church and the scientist. The church, represented by those who have faith in religion, and the existence of God. They believe that miracles happen everyday, and things can happen out of nothing, as long as God permits it. With God's will, everything is possible. The scientist, on the other hand, does not believe in God. Hence, they'll try to find the meaning behind everything that happens in this world. They make research on why things happen, why this, why that, and the more they ask, the deeper they were fall into, in quest for the answers and truth. And when efforts were put up to unify the religious believer and the scientist, to prove that science is actually one of the way we can attest the existence of God, or the power beyond us i.e the human, there go the war begins. Such a fast-paced story, and u can expect the suspense and twist along the way. Somehow and rather it amazes me because at the very end of the story pon still ade twist! A very unexpected one indeed. I nearly curse myself for not figured it out beforehand huhu

I'll give 9/10 for the book, so ape lagi bacalah!

Jap nak tambah lagi, have u ever encounter a person, or a situation, whereby a person is falling sick for days, and the mother and father or the close relatives refused to seek the assistance of a doc, and refused to accept any kind of medicine or prescriptions, just because they have faith in God. and they believe that God will help them out, no matter what happen, no matter how long they wait. And when that sick person is getting worst, like it gotten him paralysed, the mother and father said, aha this is what happens to you when you dont have faith in Him. So conventional isnt it? but i think still happen in our modern world :(

Well, science is a kind of knowledge, and it works hand in hand with other things, inclusive God. God doesnt prohibit us to learn, and to seek new knowledge, for the betterment of lives. Have faith, and u know which is right and wrong.

2] The Five People U Meet in Heaven
Another good story, but doesnt really catch my interest. Well maybe because i prefer those heart-racing story more. The story tells about a dead person, that meets five different people, while he is in heaven. And those 5 people, are people that he knew and didnt knew when he was alive. Each person tells him how they were connected in the world, what were things that happen, be it he realizes it or not. And they made him to understand that his life was not a waste, and that he actually does contribute something during his lives. And believe it or not, we in this world, are intertwined with each other. Whatever things we make, surely they'll be an effect to the other, direct or indirectly. Cuba fikir bebetul, mmg betul pon. Another point to take note, in order to gain something, we must forgo something. Simple example, in order to buy food, we must fork out a few amounts of money to get it. In order to shopping (beli baju), we must take out some portion on food/other things just to get the new cloth. In order to give breastmilk to the baby and ensure the best, the moms can hardly sleep at nite. Make sense isnt it?

I'll give 7/10 for this one.

p/s: pasnih nak baca yg light-reading plaks...takmo byk2 pk dah hehe


Anonymous said...

cube try carik life of pi..endearing and funny but makes you think...very enjoyable reading.-ude-

yatipruzz said...

sape author dia? btw lupalah nak ukur kaki idlan. budget bila nak beli kasut tuh?

mardhiah12 said...

aku setuju bab angels & demons, mmg lagi best dari DVC. buku dan brown yg lain sgt² tak best, toksahlah beli.

shopaholics light reading, gelak sakan baca.

p/s IMO tu in my opinion :P

Anonymous said...

life of pi by yann martel..booker prize winner nih...

enjoy! -ude-

Anonymous said...

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