05 October 2006

2nd week of Ramadhan

Today is already 12th Ramadhan, and i've been off for 5 days already. Nightime was spend baking and baking and baking. My oven starts working immediately after the little guy of the house dozes off to sleep. And it usually ends after 5-6 hours of baking per session. So just imagine how many hours on average i can sleep throughout the nite huhu. Lucky i didnt become a zombie at the office :)

Baking is fun, but using a small oven definitely is a mistake. I didnt expect to receive orders as much as i get now but thanks to you guys, my small business has actually materialized :) Thinking of next year, well i must get a bigger oven should the business is to be continued. But i dont know, with loads of assignments, presentations, etc etc, do i still have ample time for baking? even if i squeeze my schedule here n there i dont think i can manage to do that, plus what if we decide to get adik for Idlan? haha ntahler!

My class officially starts on this coming Saturday, after the registration. I feel so cuak, cuak for i dont know anybody inside the class, cuak of thinking what if i've lost the skills of doing assignments/presentations, cuak if i get groupmates that cant cooperate and unmanaged, kesimpulannyer i am cuak with everything!

On top of that, I've already got myself 2 pieces of exercise book, a cheap one with paper cover hehe...and that's it. And ohh the money for registration, well am going to the bank tomorrow to withdraw some amount for it. The scholar result is still pending for approval, but alhamdulillah my name is in the list. So harap-harap they wont be cutting my name off the list last minute.

I am going back to school............walalalla!

p/s: yesterday first time in life i made ikan cencaru goreng belah belakang (cilok resepi ummimon) for our bukak puasa. It was super yummy! And today we'll be having daging black pepper with mushroom sauce...nyum nyummm


ude said...

good luck in going back to school.hopefully everything turn out fine. kuih raye tuh soh b.oih je buat...

ummi said...

you can always sell cookies walaupun bukan time raya dear. and the muffin as well. i notice sekarang ni people are into cup cakes with cute decorations and all. so, you've tried the recipe eh? sonang dan sodap kan.

yatipruzz said...

hehe thanx ude! pray for me this time i'll survive till the finishing line :p

cup cake? yep already in my mind...cuma tak berkesempatan jer :)

puterikiut said...

eh sedapnye cup cake.. dah lame tak makan cup cake yg kecik2 tu.. yati kak nieta selalu terpikir kuatnye yati buat kuih raya malam2.. tahniah !