09 October 2006

the class....

Finally the tiring weekend is over and i can expect the same thing for the forthcoming one.

Overall the class is OK, much better than UPM ( no offend to the upm students ok :p) to be exact. Classmates all are ok, the lecturer is good and knowledgeable, and we all can understand better with lots of real life examples given when she explained on a particular theory.

My first subject is OB - Organisational Behaviour. Its a management subject btw, and i never took it before during my degree. The not so good thing about it is it involves lots of theory, hence requires lots of memorization and application. My first class was bad (it was a straight five-hour class), blame it to my migraine and drowsiness (stay up buat biskut the nite before), i couldnt concentrate and my mind wandered around and at times i did sleep while joting down my notes. But guess what, im amazed with the rest of the class, no one shows any sleepy sign except myself! Second day i was all awake, and the rest of the hours went well and smooth. We did handovered our first group case study, i didnt put much hope to score, we were quite blur but belasah n hentam sajelah labu!

Majority of the class consists of managers, some are project managers for IT co, some are managers from TM, and me, being the youngest of all, obviously im the one having less experience compared to them. One of my groupmate is a lawyer with 2 kids, another one is also a proj manager. The class is very proactive and we were having two-way communications most of the time. Myself...am still coping....am still not giving up my best, perhaps it was because my brain has had a good 4 years rest all this while.

Well, my exam is scheduled on 11th nov, another group case study is to be submitted on 4th nov, individual work paper to be submitted on the 5th, plus a presentation. And the next semester will begin on the 18th....cepat betul habis kan hehehhe bagus bagus!

We got a food packed every saturday, thanx to Rezzen (even tho that already includes inside the fees).

When i reached home, the moment Idlan saw my face, he screamed himself all aloud saying "MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA" non stop! Adus sedeynyer mama...anak mama miss mama so much eh :) I asked my mum how he's behaving throughout the day, and my mum said he kept on asking mama mama mama? maybe about 10x in a day...and when my mum answered "mama go to work" , he'll forget and play again like usual. Good boy!


mak ude said...

sian idlan...xpe2..tanye abah how's the feeling kena tinggal mase kecik2

yatipruzz said...

kesian kan :(

harap2 dia kurang igt bila besar nnt, kalo idak sure rasa bersalah hehe

farradasmiley said...

Wow, dah jadi student!
Selamat belajar ok. Sure boleh jadi top scorer ni
Yati amik scholar ke bayor sendiri?

ummi said...

management subject can be very very dryyyyy. it'd be a good thing if you read a bit before the class (tak yah bg advise kat top scorer kott??). and i can understand how your hubby's feeling (since mdh buat masters, he's always not around during weekend, stay back after office hr and stay up at home doing assignment or simply 'do not distrub me' days bila byk assignment due). it takes sacrifice most of the time, you and him. suami akak tu kekadang for the sake of spending time with the kids, balik2 je kelas, terus keluar gi mc d or teman gi playground. mmg penat but have to, takut budak2 jauh hati. and as for me, he brought me along to korea (that visit was included in their masters programme). yippeee!! and now he's mentioning abt phd already..

yatipruzz said...

farra- tq. aku mintak scholar tp tak dpt lagi. 1st sem bayar sendiri ari tuh

k.tie - hubby amik kat maner? dh habis ker dia? bestnyer dpt gi korea, sy pon nak kalo camtuh hehe. Dulu sy suke mgmt subject, sbb sy mmg jenis suke hafal, but now it seems the skill has depleted, harap2 my brain can function back to normal as before kalo idak habisss!

and last nite i studied a bit while baking the cookies...terasa diri cam career woman yg tersgt bz plak ahaks!

encik munir said...

akhirnya yati berjaya jugak buat master...yeay! barula boleh duduk sama rendah, diri sama...tak samala...

yatipruzz said...

amboi munir, kalo aku tade master taleh join ngan korang la eh :p

takper takper akan ku buktikan!