30 June 2006

mix jumbo updates

Ramai kengkawan skang tgh celebrate durian runtuh yg diterima kelmarin. Saya? ohh org yg malas dan berfikiran negative spt saya mmg tak dpt apa-apa. Mmg langsung tak mengeluarkan setitik peluh utk menjual, hatta serves u right la kan :p Mulut nganga jela huhu.

Anak terunaku semlm sekali lagi menguji kesabaran, dua kali ditepis mangkuk bubur, habis separuh isi tumpah, mama and abah tinggi suara, dia merajuk. Tp rajuknya sekejap, dan mujur habis jugak bubur tu, kalau idak sure mama mkn hati lagik hehe

Kami tgh test kasi dia Yakult sbb lately bowel movement dia not so good. Dah beberapa hari dia membuang stool time tgh tido lena waktu mlm..sian baby mama. Bila kasik Yakult, seronok bukan main dpt pegang sendiri, tp dia suke benar main masuk kuar straw, kekadang tumpah yakult tu, bila marah, terus dia mrajuk.

Nampak gaya lately anak teruna dah pandai merajuk. Pantang naik suara sket, dia akan merajuk. Merajuk style dia, nangis olok-olok gegiler punyer kuar air mata, buat batuk-batuk, sampai kekadang tu tersedak dan paling teruk, sampai muntah. So terpaksala kami pujuk cecepat, takut dia batuk2 dan muntah. Sampai tahap cegitu skali rajuknyer, manelah baby mama blajar isk isk

On a positive note, dia dah pandai undress separuh badan, i.e bukak sluar bila nak mandi. Cukup suke bila dgr perkataan 'mandi'. Bukak baju masih tak pass, masih stuck kat certain parts hehe

Utk enhance kan dia punyer ability to recognize objects/animals, kami beli satu kertas besar yg kaler warna warni yg ade bebyk gambar tuh (ape aar nama benda ni takleh nak pk plak), and tampal tepi tangga. So everyday akan tanya dia, where is chicken, where is bird bla bla bla. At times sumer yg kami tanye, sumer dia tunjuk betul. At times byk plak yg salah. Hish konfius mama hehe.

26 June 2006

apa ada dgn weekend?

Idlan had his 1.5yo jab last saturday..alhamdulillah he's ok till now, no fever whatsoever. Somebody told us long ago that whenever we're about to take our kids for immunisation, must give ubat demam first before going to clinic. We took that as practice and it works with idlan..and of course with Allah's will as well. We spent a nite at Umi's on saturday, so that idlan got the chance to play and have fun to the max with pak su. Well it's going to be his last day with pak su before pak su's departure to KK for study. To adik, all the best, our pray will be with u alwayz, study smart, tk care, and we luv u, and idlan gonna miss u sooo the very much :p Not sure if idlan can still remember u when u're back for hari raya three months ahead hehe

Talking about their bonding and relationship, we all are still confuse as how and what brings them to be so close. Idlan seems to admire him so much, ke mana pak su pegi, idlan akan ikut. Pak su breakfast depan tv, idlan duk kat sofa tepi pak su, watching him closely, sambil menyendeng-nyendeng. Minum susu, lentok tepi pak su. Pak su kluar nak pegi blajar driving, idlan nak nangis ikut. Heran sungguh kitorang, pak su mcm ade satu daya tarikan istimewa :p Pasnih dtg umah umi, sure idlan terasa ketiadaan pak su kat umah. That night we had dinner outside, celebrating pak su yg dah nak pegi next week. And the dinner was on me, si kakak yg baik hati hehe. Idlan behave all the night, at times he sat nicely inside the baby chair, eating his mushroom soup and fries. But tots of his age, nak ke duk lelama? Sudah tentu tidak hehe. Bila dia dah bosan, kitorang kluarkan dia dr baby chair tuh. Memula dia jln ke hulu hilir, as of inspecting the place. Then pegi dr satu meja ke meja, tgk org makan (malunyer mama hehe). Bila bosan lagi, dia start tolak kusi tu dr utara ke selatan. Mujur tak langgar meja org lain :)

Kelmarin, dr umah umi kami ke keramat, melawat my offismate yg baru discharge dr gleneagles, buat minor op kat lutut. Syiok auntie aida eh, mc 2 minggu, extendable lagik tuh hehe...get well soon aida! Idlan biasala, memula senyap giler, sebijik perkataan pon tak kuar dr mulut. Time dah nk balik baru dia warm up sket, tu pon bila dia ternampak mangkuk auntie aida yg cun melecun, penuh ngan biji bulat2 warna warni tu. Ape lagi, idlan pon kuarkan la satu persatu biji2 tuh, kuar masuk kuar masuk. Last2 time nk blk, idlan amik satu biji wat kenangan hehe..thanks eh aida. Balik umah, 3 beranak terbongkang kepenatan. Then buat laundry 2 trip sampai penuh ampaian. Petang, sudah terasa bosan..makanye abah pon suggest pegi JJ, maklumlah..dekat sesgt cuma 4 minit sahaja minyak pon tak terjejas akakka....so jln2 cari mkn kat jj. Idlan berjaye dpt sebiji belon dr uncle clown. Lepas dinner kat fudcot, kitorang pon balik...time tu baru kol 840pm. Bila nak sampai rumah, tgk2 idlan dah tertido atas riba mama...belon masih dipegang lagi. Isk cian baby mama kepenatan berjln seharian eh!

22 June 2006

1] We went to PD for a short cuti-cuti mesia last saturday for a simple father's day celebration. More story, simply visit our fotopage The holiday was indeed superb!

2] I took leave on monday, and after sending idlan to nursery, we made visits to several kitchen and bath shops, mainly for survey, but ended up buying hood+hose, 3-burner hob, and 2 remote fans. And becoz of the good bargain, we only spent less than 2k :)

3] Trapped at TTC for a 2-day Internal Audit course. Met Semah and Farrah there, and managed to catch up lots of things. The course was good despite the boring and dreary environment inside the classroom, well no blaming on the trainer, it was us who didnt participate much :p

4] and guess what, yesterday i was stranded for 2.5hrs inside the car, due to the heavy rain plus flooded roads in few areas. 2.5hrs journey from ttc to seri kembangan was indeed a record, i doubt if somebody out there can ever challenge my record :p Initially i took the mrr2 route, but upon looking there was no movement, heavy crawl and long queues, i did a u-turn and took the sg besi route. Well, that also didnt help much. Sampai kat upm, again i made another u-turn after seeing cars trapped in flood. The last decision of using cyberjaya route was the prudent choice ever made on the day. Penat sungguh makcik!

14 June 2006

My darling baby has turned 1.5 years old, happy belated besday Idlan!

So how you've done so far?
- speech ability, not so impressive, yg clear cuma abah, mama, ball, bear, egg. Yang lelain tu bhs german dia sendiri
- you're so good at understanding and picking up instructions, syabas!
- vocab-wise, byk jugak yg idlan dah faham. He can pinpoint when we ask whats this and that. Bhgn upper up body pon dia dah tahu, like nose, ear, eyes, teeth, cheeck, mouth, hands...and not forgetting leg. But pls forgive him if you ask in malay, sori he cant asnwer u, mama tak sempat ajar dlm bm :(
- he is so fond of animals, kat tv ke kat depan mata ke, he'll pinpoint and shout "xxx" dlm bhs dia. Ada satu hari abah was just open up the gate and there were 2-3 dogs outside lazing around and idlan was about to go and sergah at the doggies..mujur abah sempat tahan dia :)
-appetite dia very poor. at times he can go crazy on porridge/spaghetti/biscuits, etc , and the day after zuppp takmo mkn langsung sampaikan mama susah hati. Am still digging up on what kind of foods he might show his perpetual interest on.
- still doesnt show interest to kick a ball. Terlalu bersopan santun agaknyer, bila angkat ball pon teramat teliti
- loves dancing, with kepala lentok kiri kanan bila dgr lagu are u sleeping are u sleeping...
- mcm suke marching, will lift up both legs alternately sambil terkangkang-kangkang
- lebih suke periuk dan besen2 mama drpd lego atau toys lain, hence his collection of toys are so limited :p
- byk lagi sebenarnya, tak terlist dibuatnye.

But one thing for sure, he's not the hot-tempered or the rebellious one. Bila marah, dia tadela sampai baling2 barang sekuat mungkin, atau menjerit sekuat hati, berguling-guling atas lantai and the likes. Paling2 pon dia babab mama, tu pon slow je, atau baling cup dia atas floor, or whatever stuffs he's holding at that time. The minute after he's back to normal hehe.

ok back to work, till then sumer. have a nice weekend ahead!

12 June 2006

Finally im done with 2 more books this year, here's my personal comments:

1] Angels n Demons
I personally think this one is much better than DVC. The storyline is almost the same, only that this time the conflict revolves between the church and the scientist. The church, represented by those who have faith in religion, and the existence of God. They believe that miracles happen everyday, and things can happen out of nothing, as long as God permits it. With God's will, everything is possible. The scientist, on the other hand, does not believe in God. Hence, they'll try to find the meaning behind everything that happens in this world. They make research on why things happen, why this, why that, and the more they ask, the deeper they were fall into, in quest for the answers and truth. And when efforts were put up to unify the religious believer and the scientist, to prove that science is actually one of the way we can attest the existence of God, or the power beyond us i.e the human, there go the war begins. Such a fast-paced story, and u can expect the suspense and twist along the way. Somehow and rather it amazes me because at the very end of the story pon still ade twist! A very unexpected one indeed. I nearly curse myself for not figured it out beforehand huhu

I'll give 9/10 for the book, so ape lagi bacalah!

Jap nak tambah lagi, have u ever encounter a person, or a situation, whereby a person is falling sick for days, and the mother and father or the close relatives refused to seek the assistance of a doc, and refused to accept any kind of medicine or prescriptions, just because they have faith in God. and they believe that God will help them out, no matter what happen, no matter how long they wait. And when that sick person is getting worst, like it gotten him paralysed, the mother and father said, aha this is what happens to you when you dont have faith in Him. So conventional isnt it? but i think still happen in our modern world :(

Well, science is a kind of knowledge, and it works hand in hand with other things, inclusive God. God doesnt prohibit us to learn, and to seek new knowledge, for the betterment of lives. Have faith, and u know which is right and wrong.

2] The Five People U Meet in Heaven
Another good story, but doesnt really catch my interest. Well maybe because i prefer those heart-racing story more. The story tells about a dead person, that meets five different people, while he is in heaven. And those 5 people, are people that he knew and didnt knew when he was alive. Each person tells him how they were connected in the world, what were things that happen, be it he realizes it or not. And they made him to understand that his life was not a waste, and that he actually does contribute something during his lives. And believe it or not, we in this world, are intertwined with each other. Whatever things we make, surely they'll be an effect to the other, direct or indirectly. Cuba fikir bebetul, mmg betul pon. Another point to take note, in order to gain something, we must forgo something. Simple example, in order to buy food, we must fork out a few amounts of money to get it. In order to shopping (beli baju), we must take out some portion on food/other things just to get the new cloth. In order to give breastmilk to the baby and ensure the best, the moms can hardly sleep at nite. Make sense isnt it?

I'll give 7/10 for this one.

p/s: pasnih nak baca yg light-reading plaks...takmo byk2 pk dah hehe

05 June 2006

diari weekend

Bila Ummu Auni cerita betapa happynyer Auni ada adik Afif utk bermain sama-sama, argh jelesnyer rasa. Teringat pada Idlan, kesian sayang mama. Sebab idlan pon suke berkawan. Kat umah, bila mama ngan abah penat, kami biar je idlan main sesorang...atau bukak vcd kartun kegemaran dia, dgn harapan tu dpt membantu dia. Tapi Idlan bukan jenis yg suke main sesorang. Sekejap je dia melekat, lepas tu mesti dtg balik kat mama atau abah...sama ada menyendeng-nyendeng, gesel-gesel badan, atau bawak buku the ugly ducking kat mama, suruh mama baca, atau buku abc dia, suruh mama tunjuk mana egg, mana ball, mana apple. Ada jela perkara yg dia buat utk dptkan attention dr kami, macam-macam sebenarnya. Bila mama tgh pening kepala, atau abah tgh tak sihat, atau kami tgh kepenatan, kadang-kadang kami termarah idlan...kadang suara tu ternaik sket dr biasa...ohh siannye anak mama kena marah...itula, mama ngan abah sometimes terlupa, terlupa dgn anugerah yg Tuhan dah bagi pd kami. Mama mintak maaf ye sayang.

Weekend yg baru lepas ni, mmg tersangat indah. Sabtu kami ke umah tok ngan umi, spent a day kat sana sementara abah ke klas dia. Idlan mmg happy sesgt, happy sbb ramai tukang layan. Dan yg paling terang lagi nyata, idlan teramat sayangkan pak su...pak su a.k.a satu-satunyer adik lelaki aku. Sementara pak su belum bgn, idlan bermanja-manja kat dapur ngan nek umi. Sampaikan nek umi tgh masak pon idlan mintak didukungnya, sambil tgk nek umi kacau gulai kari ikan kerapu. Kalo mama nak dukung, hehe sorila sayang..mama tak larat dah skang. Doc tak kasik :p Apa saja yg idlan nak, mesti nek umi layan. Yes nek umi mmg lembut, penyabar plak tu, mama mmg berazam agar one day mama boleh jadi ibu yg baik dan selembut nek umi. Puas bermanja ngan nek umi, idlan main ngan pak su plak. Pak su duduk atas sofa breakfast tgk tv, idlan pon nak duk atas sofa. Pak su lunch mkn fried spiral, idlan pon menyendeng kat pak su, minta disuap. Pak su ke dapur, idlan ikut, pak su ke luar, idlan ikut, sampaikan pak su nak kluar main badminton ngan kawan dia, idlan berlari ke gate tak pakai slipar nak ikut. Bila pak su pegi, idlan crying. Adui siannya anak mama..terlalu nak bermanja sgt ngan pak su. Bila pak su balik, idlan terlompat-lompat gembira. Hehehe sian anak mama, bulan 7 ni pak su nak gi sabah, pak su dpt uitm kat sana, so jaranglah idlan dpt main ngan pak su lagi. Hari tu jugak, idlan terover manja ngan tok. Sampaikan time tok baring, idlan berani naik atas badan tok main kuda-kuda. Leka bermain, idlan sampai tak tido langsung pagi tuh, bangun pagi pukul 7am, pukul 3 lebey baru dia tido. Tu pon puasla mama pujuk tido.

Hari ahad, mama ngan abah spent time kat rumah je. So one whole day fully dedicated utk idlan. Pagi mama masak spaghetti with white mushroom sauce utk idlan (idlan sejak dua menjak ni tolak nasi, nak western je hehe). Habis masak, abah isi air dlm pool idlan, then mama ngan abah kasik idlan mandi dlm pool for the first time..walaupun pool tu dah dibeli sejak bulan 3 lagi. Sambil idlan mandi, abah pegi cuci fan, mama pulak sidai kain. Mama leka sidai, bila pandang sekilas tgk2 idlan tgk syok minum air dr penyedok pasir dia tuh...minum air dlm pool tu! aduss cayang mama, kotor tau air tuh, mane bley minum. Mama mintak penyedok tu, dia tak kasik. Dia minum lagi, berkali-kali..asyik plak tu. Last2 mama rampas, terpaksa guna cara kasar. Idlan cry sekejap, ala tp kejap je, pastuh leka main blk ngan ball, baby itik, lego, etc etc. Lepas mandi, idlan breakfast mkn spaghetti, walaupun tu sebenarnye utk lunch, tp since dia tolak roti/koko krunch/etc....spaghetti pon spaghetti la janji mkn. Pastuh mama masak kat dapur utk lunch, abah naik atas buat assignment. Sambil tgk tv, sambil idlan mengemas dapur and masak bersama mama. Tapi mama berjaye jugak abiskan memasak hehe...
Then, mama nyanyi2 ngan idlan, ohh mama baru beli vcd karoake, ade 26 children education songs, oh which most of them mmg mama taknah dgr pon (abah kata kecik dulu mama x tgk tv, sbb tu tak reti nyanyi). Tapi mama cepat catch up, skang dah byk boley hafal hehe. Idlan pon menari, terhenjut-henjut, mmg dia suke dgr lagu. Kami beli vcd tu pon sbb budak nursery kata idlan suke menari dgr lagu. Penat menyanyi, mama pujuk idlan tido pukul 12. Pukul 3pm baru dia bgn. Sementara tu, sempatla mama baca angels n demons yg dah lama terbengkalai hehe.....idlan bgn, mama suap lunch, then sambung main2 lagi. Main kuda ngan abah, main kuda ngan mama, main piano, baca buku, sambung nyanyi2 lagi, tgk spongebob....hmm penuhla aktiviti hari tuh.

Kesimpulannya, mama puas. Puas dpt spent one whole day layan idlan. Layan dgn baik skali, tanpa tinggikan suara, tanpa ada marah-marah. Semuanya mama buat and layan dgn hati yg gembira. Penat buat keja rumah pon tak terasa langsung. Ajaib sungguh, tapi benar. Walaupun hari tu mama terover rajin, masak breakfast, masak lunch, basuh baju, sidai baju, sapu rumah 2x, mop lantai, angkat kain, lipat kain, the list is endless...tapi sampai skarang mama terbayang-bayang dan berpk, kenape tak penat langsung semlm? Even sakit belakang pon langsung takder. Mungkin jawapannya, kerana mama ikhlas. Dlm hati tak membebel-bebel, semuanya buat dgn rela hati. To abah and idlan, thanks for making my day...mama luvs u both sooo much!

02 June 2006

may i have ur attention plizzz

Ello korang...another new official announcement brought to u by JJ (julie, am now answering ur question):

JJ Taman Equine - Opening date: 15th June 2006!

(according to one reliable source, they'll be great bargains waiting ahead...so must check it out!)

btw, we're not going to take a special one day leave just for that, considering the current financial level, plus the recent shopping trip in JJ IOI. However, not taking leave doesnt mean not going at all hehe...we planned to go after office hr, tagging idlan along. Plus idlan already had an appointment with his ex-nursery caretaker, who just quitted and decided to work @ JJ. Akak azie miss idlan sesangat!

Ok all, have a nice weekend ahead...am thinking to visit klcc tomorrow, bwk idlan naik keta bunyi2 :)

01 June 2006


Unda, these are what i got fr the net....u may comments if any of the points are not correct or accurate..btw, im taking Arcoxia, and yes its a type of nsaid, but the article says its the new generation of nsaid, and the effects slightly differ from the traditional ones, like ibuprofen and diclofenac.

non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug )

Dyspepsia is a pain or an uncomfortable feeling in the upper middle part of your stomach. The pain might come and go, but it's usually there most of the time. Some medicines, like anti-inflammatory medicines, can cause dyspepsia.......

"NSAIDs work by blocking the action of a substance in the body called cyclo-oxygenase. Cyclo-oxygenase is involved in producing prostaglandins, in response to injury or certain diseases. These prostaglandins cause pain, swelling and inflammation. Because NSAIDs block the production of these prostaglandins, they are effective at relieving pain and inflammation.

Cyclo-oxygenase does not only produce prostaglandins that cause inflammation. It also produces prostaglandins that have useful roles in the body. There are two different forms of cyclo-oxygenase, COX-1 and COX-2. COX-2 is the form that (among other things) produces prostaglandins that cause inflammation. COX-1 does not produce inflammatory prostaglandins, but does produce others that have useful effects, including some that are involved in maintaining a healthy stomach and intestinal lining.

Traditional NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen or diclofenac, block the action of both COX-1 and COX-2, and this is why they can sometimes cause side effects such as stomach irritation and peptic ulcers. Etoricoxib belongs to a new generation of NSAIDs that selectively block the action of COX-2. This means that it stops the production of inflammatory prostaglandins, without stopping the production of prostaglandins that protect the stomach and intestines. It therefore reduces pain and inflammation, but is less likely than traditional NSAIDs to cause side effects on the stomach and intestines (although such side effects are still possible)."

my question, if it is really dyspepsia, any chance that it might come again in future? and what about the statement saying that the effects are less likely to cause the stomach pain? i feel a bit hesitated to call up the doc, segan plak rasa hehe, not until u give me the explanation....toche toche!