27 April 2011

Ammar @ 7mo

My bumble bee turns 7 months old now, how time flies. A very high attention-seeker, to the extent I need to avoid passing by in front of him so that he doesn’t scream out and demand me to hold him up. A talented drama queen (only that he is a boy) in which he can cry like nobody business but the moment I pick him up, the crying and wailing turns into a sweet, cheeky smile…sangat naughty don’t you think so?? He can roll over already, and moves backwards a bit, but most of the time he prefers to just stay lies down.

Oh this little boy hates to be seated in the walker, just like his brothers. So I’d say that was one of the investments not worth being incurred for the kids, apart from our beautiful all-white baby cot.

He loves to eat. Tenggiri slice, jenahak, carrot, broccoli, carrot, chicken, apple – that’s the list of food I’ve tried on him so far and he can finish up the whole lots without any issue…no problem in his bowel movements as well, so I guess that’s a good sign lah…Good boy! At least worth all the effort where mommy needs to wake up a lil bit early just to prepare your homemade food J
He loves and enjoys weekend-outing very much. Most of the time we put him inside the stroller, occasionally I wear him with my ring sling. Either with stroller or RS, he can dozes off in lalaland peacefully, especially after a long hours of outing…and of course after being fed with porridge and his mommy’s precious milk.

And yes, I am still fully breastfeed him Alhamdulillah. May Allah grants my wish to continue breastfeed him till he reaches 2y-o.

That’s all for today…jotted by a proud mommy of three :p


eLLe said...

sweetnyelaa amar ni :)

yatiscloset said...

alamak ckp sweet cam girl la plak :p