18 April 2011

RS in action

Over the weekend i've been fully utilized my RS, people says practice makes perfect and that few rounds of practice really worked for me! Put on the RS, I did some briskwalking to and fro the playground on Saturday n Sunday, play 'jongkang-jongkit' with Firas while feeding Ammar at the same time, play football with Firas in front of our house, outing to Jusco for few hours, and many more. I bet loads of calories burned throughout the days, i was sweating all over okay especially when kicking the balls with Firas :p

Anyway we've been scouting for a new stroller/buggy, also an SSC carrier but after trying out few SSCs i think i am not going to buy any, still prefer my RS above anything! Paling best, when we were heading towards our car on the roof top and it was really 'panas terik' RS became my saviour, i can immediately covered Ammar with its tail, super efficient gitewwww :)

outing to Jusco Cheras Selatan with the kids

I prefer to wear it snuggly fitting to my body, he gets closer and warmer!

Abah cakap macam baby koala or kanggaro pun yer jugak...:p

just came back from playground, penat wooo sejam berjalan keliling taman and playground!

Kalau every weekend macam ni harus kurus mama :)

Anyway for those interested to get one you can just get Mr Google to look out for you. There're plenty of choices out there, the pick is always yours, in terms of design, color, fabric and material, weight, you can even customize it to your preference.

Mine was bought from Jumpsac, fabric used is linen, design is Mystere.

I chose chilli red, easy to match with any outfit, and most importantly the design and color looks 'macho' hehe

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