31 January 2012

(7) Choc bottom banana square brownies

A friend of mine who's currently pursuing her PHD in NZ is having a mission of completing ALL the recipes in the Hummingbird Cookbook, before she leaves the land of NZ and back to Malaysia for good.

To her, baking is a therapy, a way for her to escape from the terrific and chaotic life as a PHD student.

I kind of like the idea. Simply bec I also go into baking as one of the therapies after having to go thru the hectic days i.e juggling with kids, works and house chores.Only diff is that i am not doing a PHD haha!

Take this as one of my 2012 resolution, I am planning to keeping track how many cakes I’ve baked throughout the year. It kind of exciting when you know you have something to achieve by the year end, and when the moment of truth comes, you’ll be like “wowwww tak sangka I’ve baked sooooo many cakes!!!”. Haha too exaggerate ker? Tak kisah lah janji ai happy, hb happy, my kids happy…paling penting, perut and my mind are happy as well :p

So this is chocolate bottom banana square brownies, made for a neighbour next door for her office potluck. I’ve posted the recipe in my earlier entry…so can check it out ya. Have a nice Hari Wilayah holiday tomorrow peeps!! Lucky me, the kids will be schooling as usual as theirs fall under Selangor, so am gonna have a chance to go for ‘dating-dating’ with hb :p

my 7th cake of the year
I am determine to see what's the number will be like by the time i reach the year end.....:p

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