31 January 2012

The day where Ammar started on formula...

Our youngest lil Ammar now turns 16 months old. Still a baby to the family, as what his brothers always refers him. The most dramatic and manja kid of ours, he can be so sweet at one point and later pulls tantrum in a blink. Silap gaya this budak can go guling2 on the floor, anyway that’s what apparently differentiates him from the elder brothers!

Of all the kids (cewah bunyi cam ramai benar anak :p), he is the one that attach most to me. Probably because I manage to bf him this far.

Well, this supposed to be a sad entry actually. Today marks the very first day I need to supplement ammar with formula. My frozen EBM has started to be depleting since the last Ramadhan, and yesterday the stock turns zero. Yes from beribu2 lemon, it finally reaches the zero level yesterday! Sedih toksah cakap, I may be happy and looks cool on the outside but the inner me was actually feeling the opposite. Well I know it is not the end of the world, nor did the end of my motherhood journey. I also knew that I still have loads of things to offer, and embrace through, in raising up the kids. Failure to exclusively breastfeed your baby up to 2 years doesn’t mean you are no good in this area. And despite all this, I am still continuing the pumping routine as usual, twice a day in the office. So from today onwards Ammar will be taking 3 bottles of fresh EBM plus 1-2 bottles of formula to supplement his daily needs.

So it seems I fail to meet my 2-year target of exclusive breastfeeding, now let’s revise the statement and turn it into 2-year direct breastfeeding :) The journey is still on bebeh...caiyo caiyo!!!

Faber deep freezer yg hanya tinggal kenangan...

once upon a time..masa stock tgh meriah dolu-dolu :p

sampaikan nak letak ice packs pun struggle hihi

Ammar 1 yr old during last Eid..still exclusive bf that time

si manja mama yg sgt dramatic isk isk

tapi bila senyum..cair dan luluh hati mama!

@ Disneyland HK last October 2011

see the cheeky face? that means he's up to something mischievous so jgn tertipu dgn senyuman dia!

Oh he now can speaks "ma-ma....aaa-bah"
Sweet bunyi dia!!!!


atulhani said...

dulu untuk abang2 ammar sampai bape tahun kak? saya masih full bf anneesa, tapi baru nak masuk 4 bulan lah.. stok berlambak-lambak sekarang. tapi risau juga di masa akan datang macam mana. minggu ni pun, production susu kurang sikit.. sebab byk kali dah skit pumping kat ofis. dapat sekali pump aje kat ofis.. huhu

y@tipruzz said...

Abg dia paling berjaya smpi 15mths jer..tu pon susu kering sbb akak warded n operate buang gall bladder kn. Dat time mmg pulun guna stok. By d time akak recover susu makin sket n firas dh syok guna botol.

Anyway rupanye semlm ammar still consume ebm kt taska..ade lg frozen ebm yg akak tinggal dlm freezer depa :)

Farra said...

btw 16 mo is still better achievement as compared to the abg2 die kan?

aku ni ntah la sampai bila...huhu..risau gak ni

y@tipruzz said...

yep alhamdulillah. pencapaian paling jauh la compare ngan si abang2. Dan syukur susu masih mengalir...so paling penting jgn lupa pam walau di mana jua anda berada :)

short term target - nekad utk still menyusu time pi perth nnt haha! penting tu beb takyah bwk susu formula n thermos time outing :)