07 January 2012

Chocolate cheese muffin

I just wrote yesterday saying idlan was all ok with his new school and everything but heck i was wrong! Few minutes after i published the entry, a neighbour called telling me idlan refused to go to his class after the bell rang! He said he didnt want to go to class for he forgot to bring his textbooks as instructed by the teachers. He afraid that the teachers will scold him for that reason. My neighbour said initially he saw idlan was hiding in a toilet, later she spotted him at ground floor below the office. I asked her to try to coax idlan, in fact a teacher who happened to be there has tried persuading him into going to class but failed.

I was panicked ok. Called hb but couldnt get thru. Hence i decided to go straight to his school. Later i managed to inform hb about the matter and he immediately rushed to school as well. Idlan was blurry in tears when we met him at the school. After few rounds of 'interrogation' we finally knew the actual reason. He couldn't find Afham, his ex-tadika friend cum the person sitting next to him in class. Just because he didnt see Afham so he decided he didnt want to go to class bec he didnt have any other friends. Gosh it seems that my boy still hv issue adapting himself to the new school isk isk...We later brought him back to the class, which at that time close to 3pm already. When he spotted Afham inside the class, he voluntarily walked into the class without further ado! Ah this boy who earlier pulled drama now suddenly changed in just a blink!! Nevertheless hb decided to wait and monitor him until recess time, just in case he acts on upon something. Back at home, he acted like normal, as if he didnt do anything.

I prayed hard that things will become a lot easier for him from today onwards...

Oh anyway, how's your weekend going on so far peeps?

As for me, it was quite a tiring day yet full of accomplishment!
I am done with ironing all 9 pairs of uniform for the kids, washed idlan's school shoes, made paprik for lunch, and not forgetting baked these lovely chocolate cheese muffin for tea. Right after baking the whole family set off to playground - me got the chance to play badminton with hb, then i played with idlan while hb joined his volleyball mates, later i had the kids enjoyed themselves eating ice cream after few rounds of kicking the balls and whatnots. Sgt enjoy ok, some more i had the chance to swing my racket after sooooooooo many years haha!

Chocolate cheese muffin

My first attempt trying out this recipe, and honestly it turned out to be really good! (at least to my tastebuds haha). Very chocolaty with a light cheese taste, not so sweet and the texture is nice n fluffy. Recipe is very simple, perfect for super-busy mommies like you and for a beginner, this recipe is a must-try ok!

Source: Dapur Tanpa Sempadan by Mat Gebu, tq abg Mat for this great recipe!!!

140g cooking chocolate
100 cream cheese
80g butter
2 grade A eggs*
1 tsp vanilla essence (stir together with eggs)
60g sugar
100g All purpose flour
2tsp baking powder

Preheat oven 180C for 15 mins
Using double boiler method.. add in cooking chocolate, butter and cream cheese - i didnt double boil my mixture, just heat them direct on the stove but on slow heat to avoid burning the chocolate :p
Once melt..add in sugar and egg mixture.
Add in sifted flour and continue to stir till theres no lump
Pour batter into muffin case making sure its 3/4 full.
Top with almond slice and bake it for 20mins - i used choc chips instead of almond slice


mak ude said...

i think he felt overwhelmed kot, with the new enviroment, schedule and what not. 2-3 hari lg ok kot.

aida said...

lama2 ok la tu yati, give him 2 weeks the most... mungkin sebab dia kenal sorang tu jer, nanti terus jadi macam fawwaz.. percayalah cakap aku

y@tipruzz said...

apsal ngn fawwaz?

aida said...

Fawwaz jenis manja gak. Ada je benda nak nangis, mijur tal cengeng masa kat sekolah. Sebab ramai kawan

y@tipruzz said...

ic ic hehe...tp muka fawwaz nmpk macho n ganaz :p