09 January 2012

my hobby...that is baking!

Told a friend in our email conversation earlier this morning, I’d rather chose making cakes rather than lecturing. Though lecturing seems to be easy for some people (for instance, my hb hehe), I find it to be quite scary and tough. Especially if you couldn’t get the message thru and that your students couldn’t capture your points, worst he or she couldn’t understand you at all haha!

So here is me, ‘makan gaji’ in this beloved company still, of which I’ve served for nearly 9 years. But nevertheless, baking is still my passion, and I’ll always find the me-time to sneak into the kitchen and do some baking activities. It’s my passion, hence I give no excuse despite occasionally i so want to lie in bed and take a nap instead of mixing the sugar and eggs. Some people may find it good to just lay on her sofa and do some reading, but I find it more enjoyable to sift the flour, or melting the chocolate, or see my muffin ‘rise and shine’ and crack inside the oven haha!

Okla enough the crap! This is the Baked Brownie made for hb for our last anniversary (actually for me coz I love this brownie soooo much that I couldn’t stop munching them!)….

and the Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake made for a friend’s birthday. Isn’t it pity for you to order a birthday cake for yourself? Hehe for my case, lagi kesian since I baked my own birthday cake for my birthday! :p But the happiness and joys upon seeing your kids cutting the cakes, that was priceless isn’t it??

Hepi Besday beb!! Moga ko bahagia selalu…and success selalu!!

Notice the white turn-table? That is my latest addition to mr kitchen, after years of baking only now terbukak hati mau beli :p


Zuedin said...

hihi there goes our conversation. saya baru nak mintak recipe akak dah share. thanks....tak sabar nak buat weekend ni. luv u lepas ni nak mintak ajarkan buat kek boleh? jadi saya akak ada 2 guru. kak farra dan kak yati. :)

y@tipruzz said...

no prob! yg penting kena rajin itu sajer ahaksss :p

puterikiut said...

mmg minat tul tu.. :) kalau akak tido lg best kot :p