06 January 2012

my first 2012 entry

Again I guess I’ve lose the energy to blog, though there’re actually loads that I wish I could tell and share over here.

It’s the 6th day of the new year 2012. I don’t put any resolution yet in writing, nor do I have anything in mind right now. Probably I have too many things to consume and think be it at home-front or office that my mind keeps on wandering and working wearily.

To start with, my eldest has been transferred to a new primary school nearby our house. It wasn’t an easy decision for us, and him of course, but we hope we’re making the best decision for him. I don’t want to elaborate further on the reason and whatnots, but we’re praying hard he’ll be ok going thru the transition process – new school, new set of friends, new teachers, new environment, everything.

First day, I was with him till recess time. Alhamdulillah he was attached to a class in which some of his old friends who previously went thru the same tadika at our taman were in that class too, hence I don’t think he has issue adapting and coping with new friends. Breaktime, he went to canteen with them, and later I asked him to go to surau to perform Zohor prayer with them too. Told and reminding him many times not to skip his solat no matter what happen. He took the right bus on the way back home on the 2nd day, that’s a huge relief to us. This year, me and hubby determined to prepare ‘bento’ set for him everyday. Apa itu bento? Haha sila gugel ok :p So overall, Idlan seems to be fine on his first and second day of schooling, both at Kafa and sek keb.

Our second darls Amir Firas went to kindy this year. It was the same tadika with his taska, hence this boy has no issue adapting to the teachers and friends. First day during line up in the morning, he was all bz chit-chatting and playing with his bff Qaisara, while his other friends reciting doa and sang Negaraku. When he later spotted that me and hb were staring at him, he gave us his normal shy-shy smile and look away, and soon afterwards bz chit chatting again with that girl. Ah our Firas is obviously a total opposite from his brother. We still remember idlan was quite responsible and matured when he was 4yr, while Firas is still behaving like a kid, very cheeky and naughty in his own way. I asked him what he did on his first day at kindy, he uttered ‘ntah’. I think he took no serious about this schooling thingy at all hihi.

Myself? Ahh 2011 has its own ups and downs but overall Alhamdulillah to me everything works well both at home or work. There’ll be some restructuring over here and I’ll be incharged of other commodities very soon, no more procuring cables, materials and network items anymore, will be reporting to a new bos which I kind of dislike him but let’s just keep going and take it as a challenge ok!

This year I foresee to be a lot more hectic and busy, but we’re set for Phuket and Perth as some of the highlights for our holiday (and i wish to include USS as well bley tak Yang hehehe). And yes I sooo wanna have a repeat visit to Desa Waterpark with the kids, if only I knew their waves pool is so cool am sure will bug hb to take us there on each school holiday :p

So how's your 2012 going on so far peeps? have a great weekend ahead ya!
Me will be super bz pressing the kids' clothes aduhai task yg sgt membosankan!! - 3 pairs for sek keb, 3 pairs for Kafa, and another 3 pairs for that cheeky Firas! Lucky Ammar is only 15mths if not i'll be collapse halfway for sure :p

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