20 January 2012

Dark Choc Brownie

Introducing a new addition to my kitchen's family.
This is a 5 litre Bhalaria stainless steel mixing bowl.
Bought by hb during our last visit to Parkson Alamanda.
Since it was a courtesy from mr hb, i let him to decide on the color, so orange it is then.

Lovely isn't it? But i bet my kitchen will become extra merrier if somebody got for me a new mixer don't u think so? ahaksss :))

Officially launched with a cekodok batter! Mesti u ols ckp adoiii gambar wat cekodok pon mau tunjuk ka?? hehe sori la u ols, cekodok is one of hb's all-time favourite, so i just couldn't help from not taking pic of this batter! hehe. Sape nak resepi cekodok sedap angkat tangan yer :p

Anyway, this is my all-time favourite plaks. Dark choc brownie aka The Baked Brownie by Matt Lewis...made for my ofismate. Please click the label 'resepi' for a copy of this recipe yer!!

Esok cuti panjang kan? have a nice long weekend ahead ya peeps.

We're going to Bukit Merah early tomorrow morning yey!!

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aida said...

enjoy your holiday dear!