15 September 2012

of cakes....and Ammar

Ammar has not been very well since Wednesday night...his body temp shot up that night, accompanied by mild cough and runny nose. Thursday, his condition still not getting better. Doc said he got a viral fever, probably infected from me since i've just had one few days ago right after the open house. Come Friday, Abah volunteered to take care of him at home. I couldn't take an off day since i had 3 presentations to make that evening and worst thing is my bos was away for his cuti-cuti malaysia! I came back just before the azan Maghrib that evening...lucky all my papers were approved phewwww.
We just stayed at home today. Hoping that Ammar is getting enough rest and pray for the fever to run away for tomorrow we planned to go to several open house invitations.
Anyway here go some bakes that i made over the week. For my repeat customers of course :)

Dark chocolate brownies for Hauza..mmg dia tak jemu2 dgn brownies ni kot hehe thx dear!

Victoria sandwich cake ordered by Aini for Afif's birthday.

ori recipe letak strawberry jam, but mine comes with blueberry pie fillings instead

Devils food cake for my neighbour kak Yati..turn dia plak buat open house jiran hehe

I guess lotsa of KL ppl are taking chance to go for a short getaway during this long weekend. Have a nice break peeps! till then ~

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