05 September 2012

Phuket Day 4 - Patong beach - Airport

Our flight to KL was at 1.35pm, so the driver has promised to pick us up around 1030am. We took the kids to Patong beach for one final round, hub bought some foods for them to feed segerombolan burung merpati yg jinak sungguh di tepian pantai tuh. The kids had fun running after the birds (and at times they themselves run away from the birds bila dah byk sgt yg dtg kerumun mintak makanan haha!). Our flight to KL delayed for few minutes, but we safely landed in LCCT as expected. So that’s the end of our Phuket trip.

in front of Patong's football stadium

ok..mari kite kejar burung!!

masih galok and excited lagi nih...

ok bila dah ramai yg datang....semua pakat lariiii lariiii takooottt takooottt!

tinggallah abg Firas je yang masih steady and kurang takut...lain terus menjauhkan diri termasuk mama! hihi


the Patong's landmark

another landmark
direction to Tsunami evacuation center

spending our remaining baht coins by treating the kids with lollipop! Baik spend sampai habis sebab money changer dekat malaysia tak accept foreign coins ok.

If you’re asking, will I be going again to Phuket?

My answer will be No. I personally prefer to go to English-speaking country where I find the people are more civilized, friendly, helpful and most importantly, can speak English! In Phuket in our case even the hotel front desk did not speak English well, hence it’s kind of difficult to ask for direction or tips or anything. 

Souvenirs in Phuket is not that cheap, some sells at a very high price hence you need to practice your negotiation skills and slash down the price at least 50% off the offered price. Thai food is cheap, but as I posted earlier, do not order anything other than Thai food as it’ll turn out disaster. Their people are not that friendly, probably because tourists flooded to Phuket all year long hence it’s not a surprise to them to see lotsa people most of the time. Souvenirs at Phi Phi Island is quite expensive, you better spare and spend your baht in Phuket town or Patong itself. Do not trust the tour guide or agent, they must have gotten few $$ by taking you shopping at specific shops or places which most of the items have been marked up and expensive than any normal shop along the streets. 

Do not take a large ferry if you intend to go for snorkeling at few islands or beautiful spots which only smaller boats can have access to. However you may want to consider ferry if the weather conditions are not that good, or if you’re travelling with babies. Click link below where one of the speedboats almost get sink 2 days after we got back to KL after our Phuket trip due to unforeseen strong winds and waves at the Phi  Phi Island. Now we’re thankful that we didn’t take the speedboat. Can’t imagine how are we going to survive floating on the sea waiting for rescue with our kids around..some more the life jackets cannot fit kids of smaller size tauuuu….very scary! 

That’s all from me reporting about our Phuket trip. See you again in our next upcoming trip! :)


Smiley said...

yey me too! no more phuket & thailand
let's grow our NZ fund..agagga
ok btw sebab korang ada ahli keluarga lain..so dptla snap byk family photo/ gambar berdua
kami tadokkk...huhuuh

y@tipruzz said...

Yg tukang snap is idlan la hihi

Simon Lee said...

It seems like you and your kids are enjoying in Phuket:) Your kids are adorable, especially the little girl:)


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