03 September 2012

Phuket Day 3 - continued

For dinner, we initially thought of eating out at a new place but it was rained that night hence we were quite immobilize I’d say. Nak berjln kaki and looking around was not a good option considering our kids that tagged along. After waited for few minutes at the lobby we finally decided to just brace through the rain and ‘run’ to Kusuma Restaurant (lagik!). No more seafood or Thai food this time around, we ordered mee goreng, mihun goreng, pancake and sticky mango rice (pulut mangga). Mee goreng is totally out, the taste is quite weird and hard to describe! My mihun goreng is tolerable, but its pancake is really to die for…sgt sedap!! It looks like roti canai pisang but texture-wise is a bit different…fluffy and lain from roti canai la kesimpulannya. It was served with sweet condensed milk but I think was best eaten plain. Pulut mangga dia sedap…also recommended. Our conclusion, if you go to Thailand just order thai food and no goreng2 or makanan semenanjung as the taste might disappoint you.

at the hotel lobby before we went out for dinner..while waiting for rain to stop.

 Tadaa this is the pancake! very delish...must try whenever you visit Phuket yer!

 Mango sticky rice.

After dinner, we departed with Farra’s family. She went back to hotel while me, Ammar, hub, SIL and nek umi went to the night market in Patong. Lucky we have our atok, paksu and my bro to look after the kids back in the hotel hehe. We took a stroll along the Patong area, by passed the Novotel hotel and found this one roofed night market that houses lotsa small stalls. The market sells souvenir items, t shirts, luggage bags, shoes and many more. We had a look at some of the stalls, and finally spent some of our baht at this one shop located at the farthest corner of the market. The lady owner is very nice, we chit-chatted and negotiated for more than 1 hr I think! Pompuan tu rasanye pening pala melayan karenah aku haha. But we walked out buying lots of things from her. Initially terpikat with this blouse aka poncho, then ternampak long table cloth made of thai silk, then my SIL terpikat with its kurung silk, my mom bz with tshirts, and time nak bayar tu hub plak ternampak a shorter version of table cloth suitable for our coffee table. haha bagus betul, dari blouse berjangkit to few more items  that I ended up having to borrow nearly 1800baht from my mom! Sempat lagi duduk dekat kerusi owner kedai tu utk bf my lil ammar, and that lady also gave ammar sekotak air milo sementara mama dia sibuk bargain and pilih barang :p

 This is the shop where we had most of our shopping at during that night.

 with the lady owner that said...aiyoo u girl very good at talking english arrrr...(dia pening sebenarnya ai duk putar belit sana sini mintak slash down harga hehe sori madam i was just trying out my luck :p)

 So this is the shop at Patong street where it sells cheap tshirt at 100baht each only!!

 my new table cloth :) That lady opened up the price at 1200baht...i bargain n bargain and finally got this at 500baht..satisfied!

 table runner. actually this one was bought the day earlier dekat this one shop i forgot the name already. 190 baht tak silap.

 The same table cloth like mine above but blue in color..for my MIL

 4pcs tshirt of same color n design at 100baht each!

 my blouse aka poncho. That lady letak 350baht...i nego dpt 200baht

another shorter version of table cloth...for my coffee table. this one she puts it at 1000baht kot, lepas bargain dpt 450baht..murah sket from the long one above hihi


Smiley said...

t shirt tu lg cantik beb dr kilang tshrt tu kan!

table tunner cun jugak

mmg berbaloi2...
so abeh shopping bape?

y@tipruzz said...

tak kira ...tp total expenses dlm rm1450 kot all in

y@tipruzz said...

tshirt kat kedai ni memacam pattern ade...display ade, catalogue pon elok tersusun ko pilih je nk pattern ape and size ape sumer ade hehe

ummi said...

aaaa... berkenan kat tablerunner ijau yang ada garis2 tu..