09 February 2014

Birthday dinner @ Toowoomba Deli & Meats Setapak

We had a family gathering cum a combo birthday celebration for my umi n papa last Saturday. Abg suggested to dine in at this place. Review from others are good...and yes what they've said is true. All the food we ordered are super delish, ambience is nice n price-wise considered reasonable and not very extreme at the high side. So my overall take - highly RECOMMENDED. All meats are Halal, so u can come in n enjoy the foods at no doubts yaa!

Location - Setapak, PV128 , Jln Genting Klang 

The entrance 
Hepi besday nek umi & atok!
my brother enjoying his mixed grill
me is not a fan of meat or steak, hence fettuccine carbonara it was for me then! mmg sedap but a bit spicy...i guess they sprinkle too much paprika on top of the gravy. Price: RM12.90
Price: RM18.90. This is for my niece Hannah.
Mixed Grill RM24.90 ordered by umi, pa, my hubby n brother.  

RM36.90 - ordered by my brother 

RM53.90 - chosen by my sil
kids enjoyed watching abang2 masak dekat dapur...siap ada api2 bagai mmg derang agak teruja hehe
see...mmg kids sgt teruja!
they also sell fresh meat parts for u to take home and grill on ur own :)
the back entrance

We surely will come again to this place! For reference, we also ordered chocolate, vanilla & strawberry milkshake (RM8.90 each) and hot lemon tea (RM6.90).

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