08 February 2014

Portuguese egg tart using instant pastry puff!

I asked hubby to get for me whipping cream this morning since i've planned to make this scrumptious portuguese egg tarts since last week. In fact i've bookmarked the recipe in my hp in case i forget the source.
So here we go my version. It doesnt look as pretty n appealing as the original source..but i hope it tastes super good! Belum rasa lagi....lepas bakar terus tdo sbb migrain dr ptg tadik :( i'll update n post the review later ye till then hv a blast weekend! Ohh yes recipe taken from the kitchentigress blog...i posted here for ease of reference.

Recipe says it yields 9 tarts...but mine yields 15 tarts..i guess my muffin hole is not too deep...hence i got more :) 

UPDATE - here goes my review - mmg sangat sedapppp heheh hubby and kids mmg suka. Hubby siap tanye semlm..susah ke nk buat tart tuh? if u read between the lines tu maksudnya dia hint nak suruh buat another round la tu :) Anyway next time i think i'll reduce a bit of sugar...utk menjaga kesihatan kena kurangkan manis :p

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