21 February 2014

Macaroni Alfredo

Not really sure what's the exact difference between alfredo & carbonara sauce. But my version of alfredo is a slightly less thickened sauce..which is not too muak i guess :)
Recipe is very simple. Suitable for mommies who wanted to settle for a quick home-cooked dinner after a long n tiring day at the office :)
Melt some butter, sautee the holland onion, add cubed chickens, sliced button mushroom, prawns or any proteins to ur liking. Then add enough fresh milk for the gravy, whipping cream, put some salt, paprika, black pepper n oregano or mixed herbs. Lastly put shredded cheddar cheese n cubed capsicum..& yesss u're DONE!
P/s: ni mmg my eldest's most top favourite food aside from mac n cheese. Sumer yg cheezy2 eh haha


LiTtLe^m3 said...

Tq for the recipe. Recipe carbonara akak bg dulu is always my fav.

y@tipruzz said...

Oo x igt dah dik hehe