09 February 2014

Weekend chilled out!

Started this morning as early as 530am. Hit the kitchen to prepare roti jala n kari daging and managed to get everything done at 7am. Woke up the kids, and ask them to hv light breakfast b4 we headed off to Lake Valley for jogging!

The place is very nice n serene. There is a lake situated right in the center of loads of beautiful semi d and 3-storrey terrace houses surrounding it. The LV also has 2 small children playgrounds, which mommies n daddies can take a short break while letting the kids to play.

I had 2 rounds this time. 1st round of jogging n 2nd.round of semi-fast brisk walking hehe. While i did my 2nd round hubby let the kids to feed the fish.

We spent only 1 hr at the lake, and got back home to have our 2nd round of roti jala haha!
What a bliss :)

And now at 645pm i just had the oven to work for my dark choc brownies treat! Never thought that yesterday's batch of portuguese egg tarts can.only last within a day...sedappp sgt wehhh kejap je licin :)
Ok then hv a great Monday tomorrow peeps. Mmg la lemau yg amats but then lets send the positive vibe all over the body yeahhh!

Ooppss a quick.check at my calories intake. Countless pcs of egg tarts, 4pcs roti jala, nasi for lunch n now dark.choc brownies...hmm mmg tak bole lawan.calories burnt pg tadi..cuma 150 jer :p hihi

budak ni marah sbb time jogging mama tinggal dia
 Our breakfast that morning..roti jala & kari daging

Senang je resepi roti jala nih. 3 cwn tepung gandung, 3 cawan air, sebiji telur, sedikit garam dan kunyit. Blend je semua dlm blender..and that's it! Silalah menjala hihi

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