06 April 2015

Day 6 post-op

Irfan is still not progressing well. despite frequent suctioning his secretions are still thick n in large amount. breathing assisted with bipap (high pressure o2). They will repeat culture test to check for infections. Deep recessions probably due to edema/swelling. Prof Anura asked me to be patient as recovery period for patients varies..maybe 1 wk..2 wks..or even more..which broke me into tears.

Be strong yer sayang. Mama harap mama cukup kuat nk menghadapi hari2 yg mendtg.  
Setiap kali mama teringat muka Irfan, air mata ni mesti mengalir..time mkn..time drive..time solat..time nk tido...time mandi...time pam susu...time update blog ni..time wassap dgn kwn dan family. Besarnya dugaan yg Allah beri kali nih.

Sembuhkanlah Irfan Faris kami Ya Allah...


Farra Da Smiley said...

Amin..don't give up.. keep strong & fighting

Anonymous said...

Be strong.keep praying Mett.i feel u!