02 April 2015

post-airway surgery

31 march- Irfan had underwent an airway surgery @ 11.25am. Procedure took approx 1hr. Intubated for 48hrs, under morphins, tube feeding, in PICU.

2 apr- extubated this morning, morphins taken off, but still breathing with o2 assisted. fasting since 6am to assess his breathing capability. it was so heart-breaking watching him crying yet i am unable to do anything to comfort him.

1pm- irfan was put on cpap machine as his o2 sats level wasnt going very well.

3pm - blood test result shows improved sats level. but still need to continue with cpap probably for a day or two, which means further stay in picu.

Ya Allah sembuhkanlah anakku sepenuhnya dan hilangkanlah kesakitannya. Berikanlah kekuatan kpdnya utk melawan sakitnya ini Ya Allah.

On another note, Ammar was unwell yesterday n had to take a neb. His fever subsided today but still has coughing n wheezing. Moga Allah sembuhkan semua anak2 mama dari sakit mereka.

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Farra Da Smiley said...

Semoga cepat sembuh irfan & ammar