28 September 2006

being in Cyberjaya...

I can imagine the frustration of Menara T* community whenever they come down to the parking lot at 5pm, hurrying board the car, put on the right gear, pijak peddle, and hey the car is moving like bumper to bumper and as your car gets outside the parking lot, another traffic is waiting. That's normal during the month of Ramadhan. I'd experienced that years ago, when i was in Menara. I even experienced broke my fast with sweets only inside the car, but no blame to the traffic, it was me who had to stayback to do financial closing (FMA story, takyahla flashback nanti sedey hehe)

Now things change. Am now in Cyberjaya, a heaven place with no traffic jem whatsoever. Punch out at 5pm and i'll be home at 530pm. Traffic flow is normal, no headache, no shouting, no lawan-lawan hon dgn keta lain, etc. That's another reason why am so determined to cook for our breakfasting instead of hanging around at bazar ramadhan to search for lauk ( the main reason spt biasa we're on kempen berjimat cermat hehe). Last yr we bought lauk at bazar, and i can still remember a piece of chicken costs you RM3, a piece of simple ikan goreng also sold at RM3 (kalau rasa sedap sgt takpe ok, ni biasa jer). Sayur i cant remember, but still mahal rasanyer. Mee goreng, mihun goreng, nasi ayam, beriani ....the price was still considered ok and worth buying.

Oh btw yesterday we didnt wake up for sahur, hence bazar was the choice. Today im back to the track, and we'll be having paprik ayam+sotong+udang+vege plus bread pudding this evening. The pudding was prepared at 3am in the morning! not that am too rajin ppl, i just couldnt sleep after feeding idlan at 230am, hence resulted me going to the kitchen and do something :p I sleep back at 620 and only woke up at 730am, had a quick shower and off to office. Sian idlan tak sempat masak food dia sori sayang!

Happy working ppl!


aida said...

kalau aku pindah cyberjaya, menangis beb menangis... sebab rumah aku kat kl utara

mardhiah12 said...

sama aa au. aku duk imagine kalau suami aku jd lecturer...kat KUIM ke, fuh, cari rumah lain le aku