26 September 2006

I can feel my blood running upstairs rite now. Dealing with customers is not that easy, hence when we were sent for training, we see the word “difficult customer”. Why such term exist? It’s because that kind of customer did exist. And they create hassle and so much trouble till you feel like shouting and slamming down the phone but hey, customer is the KING. Can you shout at them? NO you can’t. You must maintain the tone of your voice, lower it to the max even if deep down inside you feel like bloating.

That is customer. Full stop.

But what if the internal person in my company itself that brought the trouble? What if the person refused to co-operate or troubleshoot outage received from customer, claiming that our network is perfect when in fact it is not? I just hate dealing with these types of ppl, who thinks they are so good considering they’ve worked for the co for years. People who think they know ALL.

Oh God, please keep the patience with me.


mardhiah12 said...

sape cik? GJ ker? hahaha

yatipruzz said...

GJ tu ape plak haha

customer aku yg byk songeh V$d$, selebihnyer international,
mcm Nt* Msc, Singt*l,etc etc...