16 March 2009

diarrhea - 2nd part

Firas’s diarrhea was getting worsen on Saturday, he even vomitted each time after taking milk and solid. Lethargic sungguh dia ari tuh …terus kempis perut anak mama huhu. At last after careful thoughts I decided to stop giving him EBM and replaced it with free-lactose formula. In fact the doc had said earlier that FL would be the best solution (apart from the medication) when your kids suffered from severe diarrhea. Notwithstanding that he didn’t ask me to stop bf, but bf wouldn’t help much since no matter how rigid I control my food intake, the lactose will still present in my milk. Medication will not work at its best with the presence of lactose, and some more the intestines are not capable of digesting it. I remembered idlan had once got a severe diarrhea, condition and symptoms exactly the same with what firas is having, only that we fed him with FL milk for 2 consecutive weeks.

So, that means at 7 months++ firas already had his first taste of formula (yeah u may blame me but I think at this point that’s the best decision I’ve take), abah bought NL-33 Marinaga, a Japanese brand which I’ve never heard before but the only small tin avail at the supermarket. Right after consuming the formula he looks better, no more vomitting until today. This morning I supplied my ebm as usual to the nursery, and informed them to stop giving ebm if he passes watery stool again.

With firas consuming formula from Saturday afternoon till yesterday, that gave me opportunity to top up my supply. Ada hikmahnyer tuh kan…alhamdulillah freezer kembali padat :) Tapi yg tak syok, my Swing has gone bengong la…dunno what went wrong but the suction power is not as strong as before. Not sure whether problem is with the motor, or any parts of the pump. Tensi giler. If usually I take about 10-15min per session, this morning one session alone dragged for almost an hour :( Letih makcik…at last I resorted to manual expression…lagi cepat! Aduhai Swing ku…kalau nak buat hal pon, tunggula at least after a year mu buat hal….jgn la skang nih huhuhu


puterikiut said...

semoga semuanya ok.. byk2 bersabar ye...takpe ebm byk lagi tu..

yatipruzz said...

k.nieta, my swing back to normal alhamdulillah :)
kena tukar valve head...