21 March 2009

Firas now is having another series of cough and cold again. Such a short gap i'd say, after the warded episode in February. This time around the paed spared us with ventolin, singulair and prednisolone, and also zyrtec for his cold. Seems like it's going to be a never-ending circle, considering the exposure to the bugs and the likes is always there (read: nursery). I hope his immunity will get stronger once he hits his one-year mark. Needless to say, i guess we're more prepared this time, as we had the same experience during idlan's time.

On a happier note, Firas can menyusur ke depan already, but of course still in a slow pace :) At times he try to push up his buttocks, more towards preparing himself to set into sitting position. Bagus adik, keep it up!

We'll be heading up north this upcoming weekend for my convocation. Elated, yet the excitement somehow lessen since firas is not feeling well. In fact our initial plan to spend a night at bukit merah also has been cancelled. Oh despite that i've bought two new clothes for the convo. First i got this pink kurung pahang (thank you B! ...tudung siap pinjam mak punyer lagik tuh) but a visit to jusco last week saw me fell in love with a green sateen kebaya plak. Adus, the peril of knowing your bonus money in advance :p And upps did i mention a new pair of black shoes? That actually was not in my list, but somehow inside the circular they had mention that graduans are required to wear black shoes, and my existing one satu dah patah heels, another one is opened at the front hence dun think it suits with the ceremony kan? Me and my reasoning hehehe pepe jela damages done anyway! But being a good mom the kids also had their fair share...idlan lagi best, dpt kasut baru gak tadi (thank you abah :) bley geng ngan mama :p

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