20 March 2009

Vibrant and alive....

isn't it?

hehehe anyway as many already known, the new blog design was created by my super creative friend Asma a.k.a Sikulat.

Those interested, you may email/text her personally to request for her service.
Whether it comes for free, or with certain charges...that i shall leave it to her to comment.

She's fast, creative, & talented...what more i can say :)

If you notice, my blog hasn't undergo any skin changes for the past four years, yepp ever since its creation. In fact my previous skin was courtesy from Sikulat's work as well.

Sedangkan labeling pon tak betul, inikan pula ade hati nak upgrade and tukar design blog?
That's just not ME wakakakaka :p


puterikiut said...

cantik n ceria... yati..tips utk yg tak detect rss tu.. letakkan mcm nie.. http://puterikiut.blogspot.com/rss.xml kat my blog list tu.. rasanya kalau mcm tu baru la detect

y@tipruzz said...

o0o0 okeh thanx kak!