22 May 2011

Ladies' Day-Out

A quick lunch at SCC Mid Valley last Friday, and we managed to catch up on few important things aren't we ladies???

I guess this is what friends are for (apart from your beloved MOH of course!) - a shoulder to cry on, gossiping, knowledge sharing, facts & myth revelation, and whatnots. Had a great and lengthy discussion on certain matters, laugh heartily over funny revelations and most importantly we managed to relieve our stress over the work-load issues kan farra kan!!!

Thanks korang for the great time (and also the great lunch --> pancake durian terbaek kannnn :p)

We should be doing this more often ladies.
Next venue Bangsar South mau???


Ummu Auni said...


aida said...

Bangsar south next 2 fridays, on!

sikul@t said...

nak ikut nak ikut

Farra said...

jom jom

baru buat entry psl ni gak hehe..jom terjahh

ummu said...

salam Yati
wah bestnya..bila kumpul ramai2 cenggini.
nanti story erk