19 May 2011


My very first macaroon!!!!
Hohoho jangan salah anggap ok. I didnt made this myself, instead these were ordered from the Glaze KL (using Groupon!).

The verdict/comments from the 'not-macaroon-pro:
-too sweet even for a sweet-tooth person like me :p
- i thought the macaroon is thick (based on the pictures shown on the internet) but hey it's quite thin actually
- the strawberry flavor tastes weird (read: the filling), but chocolate and vanilla tastes better
- both hubby & kids do not like it, so i may just scrap off the idea of taking annual leave just to try out doing macaroon on my own (even though i've actually gathered few recipes on the internet, and read the tips and tricks in doing this little tiny piece)
- again, scrap off the idea of serving macaroon as dessert for Firas's upcoming birthday (hahh memang lambat lagi but remember, i am a planner and thinker! :p)
- personally i think the price is expensive (RM17 for 6pcs of macaroon, tu pun after discount using Groupon). Based on my reading, people says you may not be able to produce your very own macaroon after first try, you may need to try out again and again and do some little practice before being able to make a very nice macaroon. So that's probably why people sells it at premium price :)
- Despite all of the above, i still vow to myself to at least try making this little tiny creature once in my life. Tunggu ok.. i will definitely update via this blog after i manage to accomplish the mission haha!
- till then, just enjoy the picture!


eLLe said...

samelaaaa..kite 1st try pon manisss sgt even tuk org yang suke manis gile2 cam kite nih..hehe..

bayangkanlaa xleh habis satu pon..so mmg x sukelaa..tp cubalaa wat, mane tau version yati sedappppp and not toooo sweet..hehe..

aida said...

aku pernah makan kat brussels... manis sangattttttt

Farra said...

mmg manis sgt

i dont likee sgttt

yatiscloset said...

i guess macaroon in its traditional and original version by french or mat salleh mmg kena manis sbb tu dia rangup at the outside. kalo kurangkan gula i guess its 'should-be' output akan berubah hehe

tinidewi said...

mu bubuh dalam pinggan, barulah tau kecilnya mcm mana. selalu dlm advert, uit mcm besar dan sedap je.