25 May 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

It is just few hours before the departure time and I am yet to done with all the packing thingy.
I just couldn’t tolerate with the existing workload, on top of the new ones coming in berderet-deret since yesterday. Everything was like URGENT and important, and I am dumb-stuck on which one to prioritize first and which to go later. Came to the office this morning, received a special email from the big bos asking for some urgent report, which caused me gotten a migraine strike early in the morning..till now…phewwwww.

I am in a complete mess. And I foresee the circumstances will remain the moment I get back to the office next week. Everybody must be mad at me for leaving their requirements unattended. Or shall I just take it as “lantak pi la…ignorance is a bliss!”

I am full with mixed emotions. Excited, anxious, worried, sad. Not sure whether I can survive the trip without darling hubby, and some more having to leave my eldest two behind. Don’t know whether I can mind the stairs or escalators pushing the stroller, all by myself. Don’t know whether I can do all the check-ins, carry the luggage, and whatnots, all by myself. Yes my beloved mum will tag along, but still it is not the same with my darling hubby! My oh my, I never get separated with the three of them all this while. It was indeed not an easy decision to make in the very first place. I know darling hubby can take good care of them while I am away (they even have planned to watch Kungfu Panda together, you know, the daddy-son day’s-out-kind-of-thing hehe). I worried on myself most, even hubby also worry about me hoho (doakan kite yang!!).

Anyway, my eldest has done with his first tri-exam. He got the followings so far:

BM paper 1 – 93
BM paper 2 – 96
Pendidikan Teras Islam – 96
Jawi – 98
Seni – B ( I made a sketch for a Mother’s Day card, but he didn’t follow exactly as I what I did, but doesn’t matter seni jer kan hehe).

And this caught us (mama & abah) into laughter the most:

Kereta Cikgu xxx rosak, dia memanggil ______ untuk membaiki keretanya.
Jawapan Idlan: nelayan
Jawapan sebenar : mekanik

Idlan cakap, manela idlan tahu nelayan tu ape.

Adusssss lepas ni kena kasik dia tgk drama melayu lebih byk lagi :p

Ok peeps, pen off now...see u next week ok!!
Pray for my safe journey :)


tini said...

aik mau ke mana plak kamu tanpa hubby dan anak2 bujang yg 2 tu? tgk label vacation. ke vacation ngan ummi saje? ehehehhe

yatiscloset said...

ade la :p

aida said...

vacation jauh tuuuuuu.. happy holiday dear!

Farra said...

happy holiday!

yatiscloset said...

dun miss me bebeh!

asz said...

yati, anak kite plak jawab soklan: hari sukan diadakan di ____ sekolah. Jawapan die : perpustakaan. dia claim tak tau perpustakaan tu ape..aduss..

yatiscloset said...

ayni - heheh bebudak tu mmg jwb benda yg depa tak tahu kan!

perpustakaan = pusat sumber = library yati dah ingatkan idlan byk kali hihi lucky cikgu mmg penah bwk masuk library :p