10 December 2009

Idlan turns 5 today!

Being pregnant with him was a smooth one, though the first 3 months I experienced morning sickness like any other preggie women. I worked in Menara T* that time, taking the part-time MBA courses at UPM. I had evening classes everyday, so the journey of rushing from office to UPM began. The Sg Besi McD drive-thru was my best friend, I stopped there almost everyday to have their beef burger, ate while driving before marching towards the classroom. I munched Mentos and ‘asam’ inside class, else I’ll definitely ended up in the toilet throwing up. Class usually ends around 11pm, at times it can be further extended should my team decides to have a discussion, which I hate most. So friends imagine what time I can finally reached home and settled…sangat penat. The routine continues until one night where I throw up in front of our house gate (tak sempat bukak pagar lagi pon :p) What I knew the very next morning I told my hubby that I wanted to quit. Soon after, I submitted my application and yes, I felt extremely relieved :)

I enjoyed my pregnancy to the fullest, had no complication and whatnot, and I gained 19kg when I reached the full term…sgt boyot okeh! But luck was not with me, the baby was in breech condition since my 7th month. He just refused to turn till the gynae decides to cut me on the 38th week, 2 weeks earlier than his EDD which falls on Christmas. We chose 10th December since it was on Friday, org kata Jumaat membawa berkat kan :) After the Friday prayer (alamak suddenly I don’t remember the exact time ampunkan mama son!) he came into this world, we named him Muhammad Idlan Farhan (keadilan, riang gembira), tho masa mula2 dulu amongst my favourite was Arif Farhan.

The journey of raising him up was not an easy one. He suffered from prolonged constipation that made us to keep on changing his formula from one to another, dari yg murah ke yg mahal you just named it. On top of that he has eczema, so that explained the frequent visits to several paeds and skin specialist (we even put him on homeopati once, really sad to seeing him scratching here n there). He constipates no more after we changed the formula to Enfakid (he was 3 going to 4 if I were not mistaken), Alhamdulillah sangat2. And now his eczema is lessening, kulit pon dah licin, I presume his own antibody has already got used to it. Kata org tua2, bila kecik susah jaga, bila dah besar senang nak dijaga. I absolutely agree with this, we haven’t had much issue with him, he is one child that’s easy to take care of. Until recently after he got an adik, perangai dia sedikit berubah. Dah pandai demand itu ini, at times he even threatened us with this and that. But I think that’s normal for boys of his age. He quarrels with Firas a lot, scold his adik whenever adik is up to something that belongs to him…tapi itula, we don’t blame him at all times sbb adik mmg suke carik pasal dgn si abang :p I couldn’t imagine if we have another boys in the house hohoho. Aiseh takleh sambung dah…bos tetiba soh pegi workshop kat hotel singgahsana iskkk…..

To my dearest Idlan Farhan,
Happy 5th Birthday to You!
Moga dirimu sentiasa sihat dan dilindungi olehNya selalu.
Moga menjadi anak yg soleh, dan menjadi kebanggaan mama & abah.
We luv you with all our hearts!

Hugs n kisses,
Mama-Abah-adik Firas


Farra said...

happy birthday idlan...moga jadi anak yg soleh, abg yg baik & contoh kepada adik-adik ( yati: note here adik-adik) haha :p

tini said...

happy birthday idlan :)

LiTtLe^m3 said...

alahai.. journey menjadi ibu.. sgt takutnya (belum pernah rasa lagi ni)... tak lama lagi kak yati mesti buat mkn2 ekekeke :D

y@tipruzz said...

tak wat la baiti this yr...kami nk pi langkawi ahad ni :)

farra - insya allah :p

ShaFiAti said...

happy birthday idlan..be a good boy k dear..:)

-Salam dari lutfi-...:)

mama syaza said...

10/12?? mmg baik budak2 lahir tarikh ni. mcm aunty jgk!!..hehe