25 December 2009

on the Christmas Day....

exactly at 10am, we were already at the Mines's bowl. Being the first customer of the day doesn't mean you're entitled for a special discount, jgn harap :p Price per game is RM5.50, plus RM2 for the shoes. So we just settled for 2 games each, hoping that will be enough especially when the kiddos tagged along. Lucky us both of them behaved well throughout the games, so by all means there shouldn't be any reason we cannot perform aren't we? Nevertheless abah sorang je perform, mama cuma managed dpt strike 3x je kots (tu pun puas idlan jampi2 bola mama hihihi). Had our lunch at A&W, tapau some donuts from Big Apple, then we just headed home since abah is rushing for his friday prayer. Plus both of us tak larat nak pusing2 mines dah....mama sakit pinggang, abah sakit lutut....dah lama badan tak fine tune ngan bowling kots :p
Come evening, after having a short nap, we went out to tesco to get some provisions for the weekend. Our next stop after tesco was Manjaku, since the price for milk and drypers were far away cheaper over here. Cuci mata over the wide range of strollers yg ader....we sort of fall in love with this black+grey color but the price somehow is not within our budget for now. So tunggu dululah....trip lambat lagi, harap2 aderlah warehouse sales awal tahun depan :)
Esok & lusa plan kami lepak2 kat rumah jelah...kemas rumah, iron baju, cuci toilet, blablabla. Kata abah dia rindu nak makan nasi ayam mama, idlan pulak demand spaghetti kuah 'putih'....so weekend ni mama kena jadi extra rajinla sikit yer :)

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Farra said...

ala..aku aritu 1 kali je strike! haha