14 June 2011

1st tri exam

Alhamdulillah, my boy got no 2 in his class for the last 1st trimester exam :)

He got A for all subjects except Seni, where his teacher gave him B for his mother's day card work. Gud job sayang!

Mama and Abah love u loads!

Well even if you dont get top 10 in class, we still luv u unconditionally :)

p/s: Now it's proven that the short, last minute 1-week crash course (aka latih tubi) works for him hehe. Okla tu, at least that's what worked for me during my uni time :p Some more his upcoming final exam which scheduled in October is only few days after we got back from our HK trip...kesian dia terpaksa study kat hk kot nanti? hoho

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