04 June 2011

The Mines Splash Park

I think it has been a routine to our family that we will not be staying at home during weekend. It's either we go to Nek Umi's in Ampang, or shopping mall. But i guess you guys know better where did we go most based on my previous entries huh :p

Those days when we only had Idlan and Firas around, we thought "probably we'll be going out lesser should we have another one to tag along". That because Firas is simply super-active, full of energy, mischievious in his own way, and always work on something unexpected. A total opposite to his brother. I think i've forgotten to blog about this. A week before we went to our Langkawi trip last April, he ran inside a mall and tripped over, got a big '20sen' benjol on his head and cried out loud that i guarantee everybody can heard of him. Few days after we got back from Langkawi, he tumbled onto the road in front of our house (AGAIN!) and that gave him another benjol, this time bigger, about 50sen coin size i tell you!

Now that our family has growing with the addition of Ammar, i am quite surprise to see that we still manage to go out every weekend, still manage to handle our kids despite the chaos they made at the mall, inside the restaurant, etc. The sounds of fork and spoon drops onto the floor, a child screaming over a glass of ice milo, tissues (and of course food!) scattered under the table, those amongst the things that we commonly experienced during our outing. But still, we survive the situation. And treasure every moment of it. Because when the three of them have grown up, and enter their teenage lives, they may no longer want to do groceries shopping with their abah, sit at the bench eating McD's cornetto sundae with their mama, what more plunge into the pool dgn abah dan mama yg sudah tua! hehe

Enough said. Got the message already?
Enjoy the pics ok! :p

My boys all in red

Me, being the queen of the house is given an exception. The truth is that i don't have a proper blouse in red color haha

My eldest has really grown up! Sedih plak bila fikir huhu

Now only the picture that relates to the blog title eh? anti-climax betul :p

This Splash Park sits on the roof top of The Mines (level 5 to be exact). Free entrance. A perfect short-outing place for your family. The kids pool is small, but just perfect enough to cater for a group of kids.

The only disadvantage is that it is blazing hot if you go in the afternoon, due to its open cover. So i reckon you better be here early in the morning, at least before 11am.

A larger view of the pool.

Had our lunch at A&W.

Idlan, at 7yo had his first taste of Root Bir. And he said, sedapnyer air ni tapi macam pahit sikit! hehe

Our cheeky and happy-as-always Amir Firas.

and our 8mo Ammar Fitri, yang menjadi pujaan hati amoi-amoi dan mamat Cina di Guangzhou :p

gambar wajib.

p/s: We've had actually went to the Read Malaysia (book fair) afterwards, but i don't intend to blog further about this. Honestly, there was nothing special to brag about and we just walked home buying few books for the kids. That's all. Oh i still owe you about the Guangzhou trip, later yer :)


laydida said...

Kitorg pun p mines. Ari ahad tgk movie. Ramai giler umatt

y@tipruzz said...

so how's elyssa watching kungfu panda? dia ok tak?

kitorang still x berani nk bwk ammar tgk wayang :p