13 June 2011

Melaka the Historical City : 11-12 June 2011

A short, yet a memorable trip i'd conclude.

We went to Melaka (specifically MMU) because hubby got a volley match with the Melaka team as a preparation to select players to rep MMU during the upcoming inter-GLC Universities Match. To cut it short (well am not good in telling stories about sports so let's just make it short n simple hihi) after a 'heart-wrenching' 5 games hubby's team won the match! kuddos Yang tak sia-sia kitorang tunggu dekat 4jam dlm kepanasan tu :p

my boys - they were happy and supportive as always whenever Abah was in action :)

the limelight of the day :p I've got 5 teeths already la mama!!

warming up session

'picnicking' next to the court :p

The game finished around 12.30pm, right afterwards the boys had themselves freshen up and changed at the surau. Lama dah tak jejak surau MMU, when i looked at the notice board and the surroundings, a strange feeling struck inside...uh uh how i've left all those usrah things and all..sadis bila fikir :(

Had our quick lunch at Jusco (semah ijah - korang igt tak kita ramai2 naik beskal gi Jusco tuh? hoho sgt gigih ok!) and settled ourselves at Kings Hotel (in Bukit Beruang area) at 3pm. Hubby got us a superior room with a queen bed+1 super single bed, more than suffice to accomodate the 5 of us :) The rate is RM169 only yer (booked via Agoda), with the new furnishing, clean room, comfy bed, good food...we got nothing to complaint to be honest. i personally rated it 7/10 for overall score, and yes it's actually better than Century Mahkota that is priced quite higher than this one :p

Ammar's first experience in Melaka :)

Evening came, we made a move to Bandar Hilir in Melaka town. As expected, the town was busy as always especially during weekends and school holiday. Had a 'good' 20min time just to look for a parking space, and we finally managed to find one inside the Dataran Pahlawan mall.

@ Dataran Pahlawan area

the place where Tuanku Abdul Rahman made the Merdeka proclamation

kereta kebal

Kota A Famosa - We purposely came here to show the real A Famosa to idlan since he knows A Famosa only by its name and thru a picture inside his text book. After we finished taking pictures, he uttered "ni je ke A Famosa? takde apa2 lagik dah?" Aduss i guess he was expecting more than just a gigantic old stones and bricks :p

meriam lama

kapal terbang lama - Firas insisted for us to board the plane. Puas pujuk ckp aeroplane ni dah rosak tak boleh terbang :p Mama doakan besar esok awak jadi pilot okeh, bley mama tumpang sekaki round the world hehe

kincir air - i love this the most! it's one of the things why i think Melaka is amongst the top five must-visit places in Malaysia :) The view is just splendid and magnificent during night time!

cantek kan??? along Sungai Melaka....

There u go, the Melaka River Cruise was so stunning! Tix is only RM10/adult and RM5/child, it took you around a good 30-min to complete the cruising and yes, the view and the feeling was so breathtaking. sgt berbaloi2 gitu!! Along the way you can see many bridge replicas, murals with pictures of the five Hang i.e Tuah, Jebat, Kasturi, Lekir, Lekiu, and you'll be feast with lots of lights, oh yes there was a colorful fountain as well. Kesimpulannya sgt cantik!! Oh btw my eldest Idlan was so mesmerized with Hang Tuah and the gang and kept on asking, Tuah baju warna apa, Jebat baju ape, yadaa yadaa letih nak menjawab tau. He even asked me, "kenape Hang Tuah mati sedangkan dia sgt hebat? mane keris Hang Tuah mama? kenape Jebat nak bunuh dia? Last sekali mesti tanye, mama suka sape?

Eye on Melaka - tak sempat naik this one.....

Ammar @ 8mo++

The last time we were here @ May 2009. Firas was 9mo that time...lebey kurang umur Ammar kan what a coincidence :)

Dulu berdua sekarang sudah tiga sekawan :)

buffet breakfast @ hotel

anak abah :)

Ammar's favourite rusk

@ the lobby area

now it's back to the nature's time :p Pergi Melaka tak sah kalau tak jejak zoo dia hoho!

sape tau what's this? angkat tangan cepat!!!

my precious, my love.....

Such a long and boring entry huh?

Now blog, i know i didn't do justice by writing so much about Melaka yet am still owing you on the Guangzhou travelogue. Blame me not, how can i not brag about Melaka which to me is full of attraction and unique in its own way? it's just soooo serene and tranquil, despite the normal hustle n bustle in the city. I just love Melaka, and i am pretty sure the Melaka's breed out there just can't agree enough with me :p


ijjah said...

met, maunyer tak hengat..sanggup tue mengayuh bekal pi JJ

yatiscloset said...

kan kan :p
idlan tak caya bila kite citer kayuh beskal tuh hoho

aida said...

Kincir air kat mana? Eh eh aku selalu balik mlk pun tak perasan, kikik

y@tipruzz said...

tepi tpt nk naik bot tu la hehe cun!!!

sikul@t said...

woh.. kite ada gambar before mengayuh tuh.. hahahaha.. Well bagi anak negeri Melaka.. of course bangga ngan diri sendiri.. tappii.. sendiri pun balik melaka setahun sekali sajerk.. sob sobs..

yatiscloset said...

sama cam kita...cucu kelantan tp 2 thn sekali baru balik huhu

upload la gambar tu semah...sure klako gambar zmn muda remaja dulu :p