23 June 2011

Ammar, bronchio & many more

So many things happened these past few days..so let's take a short & quick notes before I forget and lose the energy to write :p

1. Ammar had a bronchiolitis! He developed flu for 2-3 days, followed by cough, went to my mom’s house last Sunday and ‘menjulur’ on the carpet and finally on the same night he got a severe and continuous cough attack that he can hardly sleep throughout the night (so did his mama, so I got a migraine the very next morning hoho). Oh he also had diarrhea on the same day, which I suspected probably due to infection since he now moves everywhere and pick up things that fascinate him :p The doc puts him on neb twice per day, and today he is getting better alhamdulillah! Nevertheless the medication is still ongoing - ventolin, ubat selsema & ubat lelah as prevention...as well as Smecta for his diarrhea. He pulls drama every time nak kasi ubat, cian anak mama!!

2. Me got migraine long ago but this time I consulted the doc specifically for migraine case. He was like astonished when I said all this while I relied on ‘ponstan’. Ponstan is a big no-no yer friends, he forbid me for taking ponstan and instead gave me a ‘systematic-kind-of-treatment’ for migraine. I am given ubat khas utk migraine which I forgot the name already, and asked me to see him again should the medication doesn’t work. He even mentioned on doing ‘CT scan’ which scared me like hel* already hoho!

3. My eldest complaints dia selalu pening, so hubby brought him to opto shop and did an initial screening. The shop person said his power is 25:50, but couldn't produce an accurate result since Idlan's answer was somehow inconsistent and unreliable :p We will bring him for further check up, and later decide whether he will be a 'mat-specky' or not.

4. My boxes shipped via cargo from China have arrived at my mom's yesterday alhamdulillah! Selamat jua akhirnya. So stay tune yer kengkawan, i'm gonna slowly upload the items from time to time at http://yatiscloset.blogspot.com. Boleh shop2 for your upcoming Raya! :)

5. Puasa and Raya is just around the corner how time flies, and we still haven't decide on our color theme hehe. This year is somehow important, as we're now five..and i just couldn't wait seeing my four boys especially ammar wear that tiny baju melayu :) Siapa belum ganti puasa, it's time to launch the puasa marathon yer friends. Lucky i didn't owe anything since last year i was pregnant with ammar and managed to puasa in full syukur :)

oklah, kata short & quick but this is quite long don't u think so?? hoho i just couldn't stop writing when i start...so pen off now, mau breakfast dulu yer permisi!


aida said...

blaus tu tunjuk kat aku dulu

yati, ubat migrain tu apa ek.. aku pun nak cuba gak ni

y@tipruzz said...

nama ubat aku tu vasograin. ubat lain utk migrain are simplex, caffergot..tu yg aku tahu la.

blouse ku cuba upload kt blog sket2 every night yer :)

laydida said...

elyssa plak meronta2 kaki kalau nak bagi ubat. skarang dah pandai tolak balik ubat keluar dgn lidah. penat pk taktik nak tolak ubat masuk dlm tekak dia!

yatiscloset said...

huda- depa ni pandai kan!!

ammar x pandai tolak ubat kuar lg, tp pandai kemut mulut & pipi takmo bukak mulut...sampai mata2 terpejam rapat hihi