11 June 2011

of the ups and downs

Lots of things happened this past few days.

My grandma fell in her house (back in Kelantan), her shoulder sprained and already been cemented, and now she's with my mum in Ampang. Kesian sgt tengok dia, she has diabetic by the way, and the incident happened when she was getting hypo (due to sugar level drop below the borderline) and trying to reach the glucose drink but suddenly collapsed and unconscious. Allah Maha Kaya, it turns out that my brother was in kelantan that time, so he and my SIL rushed my grandma to the nearby hospital. Couldn't imagine what will happen if my bro is not around since grandma is staying all alone in that house. Syukur. My mom rushed back to Kelantan a day after the incident, and immediately brought her to KL, via flight. The funny part, when the flight attendant took both of them boarded onto the flight via forklift. My mom said, Umi pun dapatla merasa naik forklift masuk dlm flight :p

I also got another issue to counter on the workfront. A staff has resigned from our company and decided to MIA, just like that. No handover, no earlier indication, no nothing and i was left dumb-stucked on all the impending work in progress. I am so pissed off initially since me and my bos has been trying to call him so many times to no avail. But finally he got the courage to email to us, apologized and promised to complete whatever he is still owing, and the good part, he said he really regret for his bad misconduct. I replied his email, thanked him for the contributions given to our team, and my last advice to him...people come and go, but make sure you leave with a good name behind. what comes around goes around. Sinis kan? but i hope he got the message clear....serve as a good lesson hopefully :p

Domestically, everything is manageable so far. Kids pun ok alhamdulillah. Idlan is having a good time during this school holiday following my hubby to the office (since we no longer send him to transit). Oh blog did i tell you he scored straight As in his previous exam? (not all actually because he got B for Seni but kira A lah semua since Seni takde dlm exam besar hehe). Ammar is catching a new skill dgn menyusur ke hadapan like a soldier, and yes he got 3 teeths already. My bubbly Firas is becoming more talkative nowadays, talks non-stop but his 'kepelatan' tu is still very obvious! He is very attached to his big brother, if allowed i am sure he even wants to follow Idlan to school :LOL

Ok peeps it's 3.32am in the morning and see blog i never leave you unattended despite the ups and downs that is happening around me. So blog i guess it's time to pen off now. We're going to Melaka tomorrow (yeyyyy!!!) but i am still not done with the packing. See you're still my priority above some other important things!

Have a nice weekend u ols!

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