17 August 2011

17 Ramadhan...

Which also equivalent to Nuzul Quran. So how was ur Ramadhan so far? Some of my tracking progress goes below:
- reading Quran : am not doing any better than last yr. Baru juzuk 6...far away from the target. Normally i'll read right after subuh, and during lunch hr at the office.
-terawikh : just like the prevoius yr, i'll do the terawkh at home. This yr, most of the time i perform the solat before sahur, simply becos i sleep early...tidurkan ammar n myself pon terus tertidur huhu!
- iftar : am a good girl since i cook almost everyday. Missed out cooking for 3 days but the rest is all home- cooked. Taste-wise pon ok alhamdulillah. Yesterday's mee kuah sedappp, kari ayam also sedap bak kata hb n idlan..lelain pon all menjadi hihi. I guess it's purely due to the keberkatan in the ramadhan itself that makes me super rajin. But i bet after raya the kitchen will be put on rest...probably till the ramadhan next yr! Haha
- i miss baking so much!!! No home- made raya cookies this year cos all kuih tunjuk2 saje definitely. But i promise to myself to try out this new-found recipe which i bet must be very delish! Here to go the choc banana bottom square brownies n hawflakes layer cake!! Will review when am done with that ya :))
- my EBM output is not as much as during the normal days, but alhamdulillah the frozen stocks are more than enough to cater for ammar's daily needs. The 1st two day of ramadhan was terrible since i was sooo dehydrated, but days after that everything is back to normal. I guess the body can adjust already :) pumping session done only twice a day at the office. Will go back to the regime 3x pumping after raya nnt :)

That's it for now. I'm on leave today since the school n taska is closed today. Got two big piles of clothes to fold up, and yesss it's gonna be the banana choc brownies as dessert for today's iftar...x sabarnyer!!!!


mak ude said...

i've got 1kg of cream cheese in the fridge..any idea?

y@tipruzz said...

Marble choc brownies plizzzz...or tiramisu ok? Or tunggu kite blk raya 2nd nnt we do it together :)

LiTtLe^m3 said...

samalah kita cuti hari tu melipat kain baju jek adanya.. dok berdua kain baju ngalahkan 5 ke 6 org.