11 August 2011

Hari yg mencabar for me for the past few days.

Started from Monday-Tuesday, I was away the whole day for the Maybank charity sales carnival. Tiring, dan sangat lembik satu badan, but Alhamdulillah the crowds turned out to be awesome, and we managed to collect quite a lot! Syukur!! A whole new experience meeting up with new people, know their ragam and all, cumanya sampai sekarang macam tak percaya, waahhhh penat giler rupanya berdiri jaga booth!! Balik rumah mmg flat tak larat masak huhu.

The very same Tuesday morning, while I was on the way to the booth, I got a phone call from somebody from the company, asking me to become a witness for a case which the session scheduled to be held today. Nervous makcik, coz I am representing my division, and if I slip out something which I shouldn’t, the whole team may get the consequences. I pray that today I can talk and act likes a pro, and that the truth prevails….and the convict get penalized for his wrongdoings. May Allah helps me throughout the session…amin.

And oh, the birthday boy was down for a fever n flu since yesterday. Still demam today, but we need to send him to taska since hubby got class, and me got to attend the session. Anyway hubby already prepared some goody bags for him to share with his friends, hope that at least can cheer him up :)

Hope your days are not as tough as me...have a bless Ramadhan peeps!!


aida said...

fateh pun demam starting sunday.. semalam muntah2 sebab batuk teruk sangat

do you have any tips untuk kurangkan batuk?

y@tipruzz said...

tak tahu huhu. ammar baru demam semlm...berjangkit ngan firas kot huhu

asz said...

kalo petua org tua-tua, elok bagi minum madu..campur skit ngan limau nipis..nyum nyum..