02 August 2011

The upcoming trip

Alhamdulillah, after days of doing extensive review on the hotels (taking into consideration the costs, location, facilities, n of course our budget!) and some quick snap on the MTR map, i am done wth the booking! Lega sgt..it's like half of the burden uplifted fr my shoulder hehe! Next is to prepare my own kitab, n plan for the itinerary :) and probably doing some tix booking from here!

Ok nite nite peeps..selamat bersahur!

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laydida said...

nak pegi mana lagi plak ni..

yatiscloset said...

the last vacay for tis yr kots...bersempena ammar's 1st besday :)

LiTtLe^m3 said...

tak singapore, hong kong ni kot? ke negeri org puteh :D

Farra said...

weh dah book ek? aklu lupa lak nak tanyer kak ipar aku..sorry ehh

enjoyy ur tripp

i bet it's not last vacy for this yr! bulan 12 ada lg weh

yatiscloset said...

hehe bulan 12 buat ad hoc trip kalo ade budget sesen dua lam poket :p