15 August 2011


Ok this is one hel* real life experience, take a deep breath before u scroll down further ya!

It was yesterday that we decided to break our fast outside, simply because my dear amir firas who has been down for fever for 4 days requested to have ‘spaghetti kuah putih’ for dinner. Kesian kat anak yg makin mengurus sbb hilang selera makan, plus mama is just too lazy to cook anything for iftar, we headed to Jusco Cheras Selatan then. Went to Pizza to do the booking, FULL. Second option is Kenny Rogers, also FULL. Adesss finally we went to SR. It’s only 6pm during that time and most of the eateries are already full..perghh ramai yg berbuka kat luar ni rupanya!

So we were ushered to the allocated table, browse thru the menu, when Ammar started to crying (kes sudah ngantuk tahap gaban). After told mr hubby what I want, I took the kids outside, with ammar inside the stroller. Me and the kids were about to walk to Auntie’s Annes kiosk when suddenly few people running right in front of us and shouted ‘perompak perompak!!’. More and more people running and heading to the main door and there you go, 3 tall and thin men (very young I bet) wearing a black mask running in front of us (just a few meters apart), carrying a rectangular shape ATM machine. Followed by a pak guard (only has a baton in hand, no gun whatsoever) who keeps on shouting ‘woiii woiiii!!’ to stop the robbers but hey setakat suara pak guard tu apelah yg perompak tu nak takut kan!

Me and idlan was stunned, myself initially think ‘ehh ni real ke shooting drama ni’. Simply because some of the running women tu ade yg menjerit muka takut, ade yg gelak2 macam berlakon hehe. Idlan stood still, unmoved. I was infact ‘bertentang mata’ dgn one of the guy sbb kebetulan dia pandang to my face. Dusss the incident happened too fast that I pun macam blur2 jadiknya hehe. Lucky there was no gun shots whatsoever, if not me and the kids probably might get shooted because we were standing just few metres dr perompak tuh!

So that’s it guys, story utk hari ini dari seorang saksi yg tak bertauliah hehe. I told hubby, senang rupanya nak rompak atm machine inside the shopping mall, because all the pak guards are not equipped with guns …setakat kayu baton utk pukul org tu je. After the incident, the spot was swarmed by so many pak guards, but I believe they just cant do anything. And that 3 perompak mmg sgt daring, because they did it time org sgt ramai..but that gives them an advantage to run escape betul tak??

So ade berani mau buka puasa kat luar lagi tak? Haha


atulhani said...

kak.. dorang angkat ATM machine tu ke? isk.. kuat pulak... camna nak larik? confused...

y@tipruzz said...

angkut kotak besi yg dlm mesin atm tu...sorang je angkat, and dia lari slow motion je hehe

aida said...

ok la tuh, aku ni kan rabun mata sikit... there is this one time, a boy accidentally tersmash window wira depan rumah my parents.. what to do, aku tak dapat cam budak tu, sebab aku kabur.. tak pakai spec masa tu.. sabor je kan

Farra said...

morale of the story: salah majikan pak guard tu aa..awat x hire yg badan tegap with latest gun!

apa kata makan sebelah kedai emas pulak? ehehheh